Tomorrow's Whether
By R. D. Flavin


O  YES   NO     MAYBE 

     There's a lot of feces, violence, and death around. Whether there will be more of one than the others tomorrow doesn't seem likely. Will government officials around the world, including ours, heap buckets of feces upon us when we ask straight-forward questions? Of course... Will war, conflicts, and deadly crimes continue to rage and rob us of peace? It's always been 'us' versus 'them', but 'them' keeps changing and not for the better. Will a natural disaster or disease destroy innocent lives without hesitation? Fate doesn't discriminate. Tomorrow's whether this or that will probably be like today's, only worse. I guess optimism is on vacation...

     Recently, a Chinese air-craft carrier with planes, helicopters, with many ground troops aboard has taken up residence in the waters outside of Syria. This adds to the Russian Tartus Syrian Naval Base being bolstered by a couple of amphibious assault ships with hundreds of ground troops (“marines”) aboard, and awaiting the arrival of the Russian Navy's Black Sea flag-ship, the Moskva. As well as more planes, helicopters, and vodka... Turkey is launching air-strikes against ISIS in northern Syria, escorting wayward Russian jets back across their border, while Secretary of State John Kerry and President Barack Obama are busy watching Dancing With The Stars and dropping bombs on a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan. Weren't we supposed to take out Assad a couple of years ago for being a Baathist jerk, storing Saddam's weapons, and gassing his own people? I'm pretty sure that was the plan and soon we'll have Russian and Chinese boots on the ground in Syria and can read all about it on The Drudge Report or someplace. Whether we put American boots on the ground in Syria seems the purview of tea-leaf readers or someone of that ilk.

     Now, on the U.S. national front, whether the buffoonish billionaire, Donald Trump, says anything today or tomorrow it most certainly will be incorrect, asinine, and insulting. The clown has never been funny, yet it's so very sad to view the percentage of Americans who endorse his vicious vapidity. With clarity, I must confess blunders galore by the likes of Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Dr. Ben Carson, Rick Santorum, and most sadly by former governor, Mike Huckabee. None have the breast-size of Sarah Pallin, yet all seem to be in her I.Q. range, that is, somewhere around my shoe-size and add ten. Team Idiot Republicans almost makes Jeb Bush look like a moderate who could at least wipe his own ass. Of course, I'm still with Hillary; it's just morbidly humorous watching the Republicans publicly commit political self-immolation one by one.

     Though folks have been migrating for millenniums, it's only recently much attention has been shown to the emigration from Mexico and Syria which has produced an immigration problem of epic proportions. Even His Holiness Pope Francis has spoken about about the unwillingness of many nations to accept these wayward immigrants and Her Bi-Polarness Extraordinaire, Lady Gaga, has spoken out several times against Arizona's proposed new immigration bill. Yes, all of our ancestors migrated here from someplace else, though some brought better snacks than others.

     Whether it rains tomorrow will likely be deemed 'good' or 'bad' depending upon were you live. Floods and droughts may seem as if Mom Terra is going through menopause, but the hurricanes and earthquakes puts everything in perspective – we're screwed and not in a 'good way. Sure, our “Dark, Satanic Mills” and tossing our garbage into the oceans haven't exactly helped our cause, but humans were becoming to complainant and needed a significant wake-up call. Some say we're approaching our sixth mass extinction event and what we call “climate change” is in actuality a cyclic merry-go-round with geophysicists and meteorologists trying desperately to get off the ride. However, we must recall: “In for an inch, in for a mile...” Assuming, of course, there is indeed a 'tomorrow'.

     I began this column by insinuating optimism was on vacation... Okay, there was a touch of “Straw-Man” at play there, as in actuality I'm a “glass half-full” type of guy. Oh, I'm quite sure disease, natural disasters, wars, and mandatory yoga are in our future, but we'll survive. Maybe we can set-up an underground fast-food network before Skynet comes on-line... But, for now, we'll just have to put up with the limited-edition 'Black' or Halloween Whopper at Burger King. I hear they haunt your bowels for several days after consumption.

     Some folks are what we colloquially refer to as worrywarts. While related to the “Chicken Little and 'The sky is falling'” syndrome, true worrywarts often believe their own shadows work for the NSA and are spying on them. Whether or not the sky does indeed fall tomorrow, we get invaded by aliens, or it's announced the next James Bond will be played by Natalie Portman (“Bond, Jane Bond...), we'll find a way to get through it ...or we won't.

     We all have our pet-peeves (I feed mine a mixture of rice, chicken, and Republicans) or personal interests which are shared by others – not getting shot, a better economy with lower food and gas prices, and building a better infrastructure, i.e., fixing dams, bridges, and repairing roads. While we are generally a caring people and sympathize and commiserate with other nations and peoples, we must remind ourselves to have our own house in order. I'm still pissed upon learning some wives of soldiers serving in Afghanistan are on food-stamps. There has to be a middle ground where we can help others and ourselves... Okay, maybe help ourselves a little more for the near future.

     Tomorrow, whether it's a good day or a bad day is what we call “the luck of the draw,” or Fate, kismit, destiny, or “feces occurs.” Reality and pragmatism informs you in no uncertain terms you really did deserve that speeding ticket as you were going twenty miles an hour over the posted speed limit. Now, whether or not you can talk your way out of it, remains to be seen

Whether we go quietly is up to the individual,

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