The Walkers

1989 back cover photograph by Roger Gordy for the Walkers'  And at the end of the day...

WALKERS are --

Manny Verzosa (Singing & Harmonica)
Patrick Newbery (Acoustic Guitar)
Carl Coletti (Drums & Suitcase)
Mike Denneen (Piano, Melodica & Singing)
Tom Dube (Singing & Acoustic Guitar)
Michael Rivard (Acoustic & Fretless Bass)
Adam Steinberg (Electric & Acoustic 6 and 12 String Guitar)
Bill Conway (Drums on "89¢")

Album Design by Kevin G. Farman
Written in the State of Maine
Produced and Engineered by Tom Dube and Mike Denneen
Assistant Engineer: Jon  Lupfer
Recorded at Q Division, Boston, MA
Digital pre-mastering by Dr. Toby Mountain at Northeastern Digital
© 1989  Newbery/Verzosa and Wallpaper Music

89¢ (Coffee on the Dashboard)

One of many great songs by Pat and Manny.  I fondly recall a time ca. 1989 when the Walkers played The Middle East Restaurant and Lounge in Cambridge, MA and Manny introduced the song as "89 Stitches."   Before the gig, I'd shared a story from when I was in eighth grade and my class had seen Gone With the Wind in a public theater, during the show I'd been introduced to a certain oral tradition by a lusty lass in the dark recesses of a balcony, afterwards I'd an unrelated and unexpected adolecent moment with a classmate and chased him from the school, though erred with a glass door which ...cut me significantly and I received ...eighty-nine stitches on my right arm from my hormonal exercises.  I pass this along because it's easy, even though there are other songs by Pat and Manny that are dearer to me.  Fine folk, those Walkers, and I miss Manny still.  Enjoy, profit in your heart and not your wallet and share what remains the end of the day.  If not sooner...

Sincerest regards,

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