By R. D. Flavin

1) The Zodiacs: Maps of Heaven and History

Fig. 1  Drawing by H. A. T. Reiche.  Used with permission.

2)  The Karanovo Zodiac

The Karanovo Stamp Seal, © 1991 by Vladimir Vitanov.

3)   The Karanovo Zodiac and Old European Linear

Figs. 1 & 6; © 1994 RDF.

4)  The Oldest ABC's: The Ugarit Cuneiform Alphabet

Photograph by M. Deitrich courtesy of the Embassy of The Syrian Arab Republic.

5)  Frank Collin: From neo-Nazi to Hyper-Diffusionist and Witch

Photograph by Tony Soluri.  Used with permission.

6)  The Burrows Cave Hoax

I. Falling Into Burrows’ Cave
A.  Affidavit concerning ‘Frank Joseph’ and Frank Collin, dated June 11, 1994.
II. Come Out of the Cave, Russ!
     A.  Fun BC Forum 2/7/05 to 2/11/05
     B.  Burrows and UFOs: Ancient Treasures/Burrows Cave ezboard forum-posts of video transcripts by Jeff Heck
     C. Uniform Characters
            1.  Nov. 23 & 24, 2005 Ancient Treasures/Burrows Cave ezboard Forum Fun
            2.  Forged Federal Military Service Correspondence by Burrows
            3.  Text pages
88, 120, 130 & 141 from The Mystery Cave of Many Faces.
            4.  Handout for Prof. Williams' course "Alternative Views of the Past: Fantastic Archaeology"
      D.  Hard Evidence?

III.  The Cave of Hill Cumorah and the Burrows Cave Hoax
IV.  2009 Burrows Cave Hoax Update

V.  2012  Arguments for Authenticity from Hubbard and Kelly

VI.  2013 Burrows Cave Hoax Update with Addendum

VIII. A 1991 Film by Jeff Heck: Russ Burrows speaks at MUFON

IX.  A "Burrows Cave" painting by Charles Platt

Screen capture of Homestead personal web-page featuring sold BC engraved rocks.  Used without permission.

7) Credo Mutwa's Treasures

Credo Mutwa.  Photographers unknown.

8)  Dolmen Doldrums

Phaeton Rock in Lynn, MA; © 2005 RDF.

9)  Straight Lines: Selected Reviews

Petroglyph from Colorado; © 1996 RDF.

10)  Notes on the Beverly Roman Coins

Photographs by Malcolm D. Pearson; used without permission.

11)  The Straight Lines of the Great Pond

Various straight lines from Lake Cochichewick, North Andover, MA; © 2005 RDF.

12)  Fell and Egyptian

Prof. Fell at Harvard, missionaries to the Mi'kmaq in 1634 and a Davenport, IA hoax item.

Fell and Egyptian Pt. I
Fell and Egyptian Pt. II
Fell and Egyptian Pt. III (with Addendum)
Fell and Egyptian Pt. IV (Collections and Bibliography)

Mi'kmaq Shorthand?

Mi'kmaq, English and Pitman shorthand by S. T. Rand (Diary: Oct. 5, 1870).

Shakespeare and Shorthand

Bill's First Folio and (short) hands.

15)  Another Wretched Subject

St. Augustine plays the numbers.

Unreasoned Faith: the ongoing conflict between science and religion

Five minutes before midnight...

Newton, Bentley and Kant: The Alchemist, the Humanist and the Gnostic

Sir Isaac Newton, the Rev. Richard Bentley and Immanuel Kant.

18)  Science Behaving Badly

Harlow's monkey love experiment.

19)  Passing the Texts: From Script to Print

Fig. 20. Obverse and reverse of a Babylonian almanac ca. 75 CE.

20)  Grass, Greeks, and Geeks

21)  Twice-Told Treasure Tales: Joseph Smith, Jr. and Nathaniel Hawthorne

1837 Mormon three dollar bill and 1905 Turner-Ingersoll House in Salem, MA.

22)  Rage and Transformation in Early European Gender Rituals

Permissions for photographs unestablished.

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