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Come you seaweed, come swiftly to me

To bring all your goodness from within the sea

And the west coast of Clare on Ireland's great shores

Your abundance of pureness from where the surf roars

To help cleanse my skin, repair it, and soothe

And leave it just feeling so silky and smooth

To counteract aging and stave off disease

Your wonderful features can only so please...

The Colleen Bawn Irish Seaweed Face Mask is a contemporary adaptation of the Carrolls' grandmother's unique blend. Prepared in their grandparent's cottage, their seaweed facial masks are natural cleansers which will remove the daily buildup of dirt from smoke and air pollution, as well as protecting your skin from sun damage. As a restorative, their Colleen Bawn Irish Seaweed Face Mask will help eliminate lines on your face and under your eyes. With “Care from County Clare,” you'll have healthy skin in no time, aglow with vibrancy and life, and looking and feeling younger. It's the finest of ways to clean and rejuvenate your skin!

A 6 oz jar is currently available for $22.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling.

For further information or direct purchasing contact:
James Carroll
22 Fleet Street
Boston, MA 02113

1965.5.1 .504 Transport of seaweed Aran Isles "The wet seaweed is carried beyond reach of the high tide by women who wear a dried goatsking [sic] on their backs over their clothes to protect their bodies from the wet; but their lower and upper garments are saturated. Seaweed is used as a fertiliser and also for burning into kelp which has a high iodine content"  From: Mason, Thomas H. 1937. The Islands of Ireland: Their Scenery, People, Life and Antiquities. New York: C. Scribners̓ Sons; London: B. T. Batsford.  Said to be Jimmy's great-great-great grandmother (but I think there might be an extra 'great' or two in that claim).

Disclaimer: The above is posted as a favor and receives zip in return (except for the occasional pint of Guinness).