A painting by Charles Platt illustrating a scene from “Burrows Cave” in which Egyptians (and perhaps one or two Romans or Etruscans) are interacting with the local indigenous and/or aboriginal population (Native Americans or 'First Peoples') in what is believed (by some) to be a 'cave' located in southern Illinois. Of course, “Burrows Cave” is a hoax, though the painting by Platt successfully evokes an imaginary scene with artistic proficiency (I believe he did some professional work in advertising, perhaps with Sears). The painting was originally printed as the back-cover of the magazine, THE ANCIENT AMERICAN: THE VOICE OF ALTERNATIVE VIEWPOINTS (Vol. 1, No. 4, January/February 1994). I met Platt a couple of times at ISAC meetings in Georgia, I remember him as being very close friends with the late Bev Mosely, but by the time I had made up my mind to invest in a print or large photograph of the painting, Charles Platt had passed away. THE ANCIENT AMERICAN described Platt's painting as: “Back Cover: This painting is an original work created by Charles Platt depicting a possible scene inside one of the burrial [sic] of Burrows Cave. Close attention to every detail has been given based on the artifacts that have been seen and the eyewitness testimony as given by Russell Burrows.” Reproduced without permission.

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