Come Out of the Cave, Russ!*
*More on Burrows' Cave

By Richard Flavin

Update 1/18/05

     In early October 2004 I received an e-mail entitled "Hey dude: You haven't had this much fun in years. HH."  There was a hyperlink to a new online forum about Burrows Cave with the description "Classic RB speak ezboard.  Later my dear old friend, Harry Hubbard."  I didn't answer the e-mail to save calories and bandwidth.  I did, however, begin to regularly read yet more disturbing postings about Burrows and a good-buddy or two, The Kids, and at least one from May or his ever-changing group of associates.  A few or several are using aliases to enact an exchange by a dozen or more.  A guess?  Money is somehow involved and it's likely a repeat (continuation?) of previous online forums which coincidentally preceeded some auction or large sale of Burrows' carved stones.  Or, yet another run at the pot-of-gold like the previous attempts to pursue a fanciful financial endeavor with the yatta-yatta of books, films and the door of reason pried upon enough to allow followers of unreason to saunter through.  There does seem to be several additional posters who are contributing as themselves, though I could be mistaken by perhaps as much as half that number.   I Embarras [sic] myself even giving the foolishness this much of my time.  Whatever lurks behind the inanity of this latest bandwidth waste is, or should be, someone else's concern.  Reading that an unnamed university had been secretly opening the true "Mystery Cave of Many Faces" for the last few years or more was an amusing premise.  When Burrows posted his home address in Colorado so that forum members could contact him and volunteer to be among the chosen twelve to be flown to the Midwest, driven to an area close to the alleged cave, housed, brought to the alleged cave with an unnamed anthropologist and a film crew ready to document a most bizarre twisting of history, I did not wet myself at the reading of the offer.  The moistness in my eyes at the time was undoubtedly caused by some allergy I've not yet identified.  Burrows later posted a .jpg file and claimed it was a copy of an e-mail he'd just received from an unnamed anthropologist in charge of safely and legally opening the alleged cave.  I found the author's style to be charming, though the mannerly etiquette was not much beyond adequate.

Burrows' e-mail lightened to reveal the same "From" and "To" e-mail addresses.

     Further sad silliness is there for any who wish to study the ongoing greed and idiocy of the grift.  As expected, the generous offer to have outsiders participate in the opening of the cave this Spring may have to be withdrawn.  It could be too dangerous for amateurs.  Someone, anyone; please tally the times this excuse has been used and get back to me.  The eventual number may mean something to future generations of really bored people.

     A few days after reading the copy of the alleged e-mail sent from some unnamed anthropologist to Burrows, and perhaps one holiday Lait de poule spécial too many, I telephoned Brig. Gen. Russell E. Burrows (Ret.; Illinois State Militia Reactivated--an organization, now disbanded, of uniform fetishists and military hobbyists who provided
entertainment and Civil War re-enactments).  Russ answered and we chatted for several minutes.  I barely mentioned the incredible offer from an unnamed Midwestern university to award all-expenses-paid trips to several posters of an online forum about Ancient Treasure, as I find it difficult to guffaw and talk on the telephone at the same time.  As we easily addressed the various identities of certain posters based on style and content, it seemed like many previous conversations and we moved on to a couple of other topics before we ended with holiday wishes and suggestions.  I wished him and his a profitable 2005 and he suggested I stay on top of how much alcohol I consume.  A couple of days later he cited my telephone call in one of his postings and declared that I was behind the many postings of a dame Teutonic crackpot.  Another cheap and unworthy lie from Russ.  Finding the time to read the Billy-Bob Kafkaesque humor of his online forum every several days or so is arduous enough, but I don’t have the time right now to add anything that hasn’t been offered before and isn't readily available online and off.  There's some hope for an upcoming article by Norman Totten and Dana Chandler in the next ESOP about the BC hoax, but the immediate ESOP publishing schedule is still being debated.  Sometimes I think Burrows must have been a much better liar at one point in the past, but then it’s released as gas and I feel better.

Russ Burrows
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BURROWS CAVE UPDATE It was reported to me today the the ceiling in the cave has sagged another 8 1/4 inches. Lasers positioned inside and powered by a solar sorce are the tools for this information. It is believed that the bottom of the sandstone cap is also sagging. The anthropologist told me that according to the mining engineer, if it continues to sag, a fall is iminate. It is believed that when the cave in occurred before, the limestone ceiling was weakened and will continue to sag until it reaches a stress level wich will cause the ceiling to colapse. This is not good new. Russ Burrows

     It's been suggested that Burrows simply adores the attention and it may one day be proved he's just another sensitive, lonely man who only wanted folks to think he was special and maybe like him for it.  He's a liar and seems to enjoy it.  Perhaps he should get his own "reality" television program and every week he could tell more lies and separate even more fools from their money.  I've not watched many such programs, but if some of the attention curs currently being followed and filmed going about from their kitchen tables to their bathrooms can make some cash for being near the periphery of normality, why not Russ?  It might play in Joliet...

Update 2/5/05

     An unexpected e-mail arrived the other day asking about Burrows’ time in the military, specifically about his claimed participation in the 1952-1960 Mau Mau Movement.  Jack Ward wrote in a brief bio of Burrows: “1955  Reactivated, sent tp [sic] Advanced Ranger training in guerilla warfare.  Posted in Leopold in South Africa to help put down Mau-Mau uprising (Ward 1985).”  The insurgency of the Mau Mau occurred in Kenya and involved British troops who are said to have brutally killed over 10,000 Kenyans.  Tanzania and Mozambique must have been a casual drive for a hypothetical American soldier traveling from South Africa to Kenya.  I’m unsure if the Brits asked America for help, but I doubt it.  Canada, yes, but Yanks?  The Brits lost their colonial hold on Kenya, regardless.  I’ve never openly confronted Burrows about any military time before his re-enactment years in Illinois, as the conversation would likely end abruptly.  I’ve told him my father was in Korea, in Nam in 1963 and 1968, and that my brother was a Marine in Nam in ‘67 and ‘68.  I chuckle over his claims of a cave, artifacts and gold, but lies about time served in the military are no laughing matter.  The fellow who e-mailed me was suspicious.  He also mentioned that he almost bought some “rock art” from Burrows.  I e-mailed a reply with little information beyond what’s contained in this article and asked him to better describe how he “almost” bought material from Burrows.  It seems Russ is, indeed, up to his ol’ tricks, and perhaps has never stopped.  For more on the Mau Mau, click here.

     The fellow described an E-Bay auction last month which featured an American Indian artifact which looked a little like a caricature of a chief with a headdress.  He asked the seller a question and received a reply from Burrows.  He was outbid on the item, but telephoned Burrows and was offered four items for a hundred apiece and a large item for four hundred dollars.  He correctly decided not to invest.  These dollar amounts seem to be in the same range as what Burrows has been asking for the last several years.  I guess the fake ancient artifact market has stabilized.

     As I’ve received various e-mails over the years about Burrows, with some of them anonymous and downright nasty, I performed a web-search on the fellow who sent the e-mail asking about the Mau Mau.  Several entries listed showed that he was using his real name, was a treasure hunter with some success, and seemed to generally be on the level.  One page which mentioned him, however, had an interesting section on The Knights of the Golden Circle (Cosmowolff 2004), a Civil War-era society which has been sometimes linked to the Burrows Cave carved items, perhaps as a late nineteenth century hoax perpetrated to raise cash.  Few still consider the possibility, as so many of the Burrows materials reflect post-Fell (after 1976 and the publication of America B.C.) inspiration.  They’re modern, Burrows is a liar, yet treasure hunters keep bringing up The Knights of the Golden Circle.  I wonder if the ex-Illinois State Archaeologist has mis-remembered and it was Burrows who first planted the idea as a sort of back-up plan.

     Though I'd  thought I'd never join the new BC forum, after Burrows repeated the lie that I had given information to the Swiss UFO whack, I joined for several days.  A Monday through Friday trip through pasts real and not.  My posts and just a few replies are online here.

     I think it’s time to do a Freedom of Information Act and request any military background on Burrows.

Update 7/5/05

     The latest hijinks by the Diffusionist Sith Lord, Darth Burrows, have all but fizzled out with the possible exception of another promised walk in the woods of southern Illinois later this summer with an attempt to locate the recently filled and covered “Mystery Cave of Many Faces.”  His preternatural craving for gore and glory (and perhaps a significant number of sales) was recently realized through the efforts of the AHRF (The Ancient Historical Research Foundation) whose tag is “Unearthing Truth Through Science And Technology.” [Note: Please exercise caution when conducting a Google search as The African HIV Research Forum or The Arizona Human Rights Fund and Foundation (which is a statewide organization and the largest Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) political, advocacy and educational organization working on behalf of all Arizonans) aren’t the AHRF under consideration here.]  AHRF is an online organization of Mormons, treasure hunters, historical revisionists and pseudo-scientists who have embraced the Dark Side of Darth Burrows and believe his lies and the claimed provenience for the carved stones.

     Much server-space has been devoted on the Ancient Lost Treasures forum to ridiculing and exposing the legal embarrassments of Ralph Wolak and Wayne May.  I downloaded and printed many copies of alleged warrants, court papers and various documents of unsavory and amateurish of an investment nature, though before I could acquire an ample dosage of Imodium®, I ...used all of the printed copies and cannot bring myself to waste more ink in replacing them.  Those with such a need should peruse the Lost Treasure forums.  One pic did survive, however, and shows the editor of The Ancient American as an adventurer and fashion leader.         

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Reply     Re: Wayne and Ralph 10x, In case you might need it for your current "project" ;) , here's a photo of Ralph Wolak (on left). The other two are Wayne May and "Heather", Ralph's girlfriend. Able

Used without permission.

     Darth Burrows must have endorsed plenty of checks from the whack-convention at BYU.  The months of hype and hyperbole had given him a venue to peddle his carved stones.  With the loot secured, it was time for Darth Burrows to withdraw and appreciate his efforts.  

Russ Burrows
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(6/22/05 8:52 pm)
Reply     THE TASK IS COMPLETE The task of studying at the cave is complete and control of the thing has been returned to me in total. But, BUT! It is nothing but a pile of rocks and dirt now. I did pay it a visit while I was in Illinois last saturday, May 18th. I don't know what they did but whatever it was really did a number one the place. There is a swale running up the side of the hill that is about 50 or so feet in length and several feet deep in some places. It appears to me that Burrows Cave is a thing of the past and I think the time has come for me to just...walk away and forget about it. Russ Burrows

     After several ripostes by apparent believers and non, Darth Burrows parried all threats with:

Russ Burrows
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(6/23/05 7:20 am)
Reply     Re: THE TASK IS COMPLETE/Reply to Kanabite I will Bob for sure. The guy will publish his work. I will also publish what I know. Russ

     And, later:

Russ Burrows
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(6/23/05 6:08 pm)
Reply     Re: Sounds Like A Plan Sure Steve if they let me know they want to go and for sure, you are invited.  teve, there is to be found on some of the streams in southern Illinois, nodules of what I believe is boxite. I have used some of them and they really do a good job of polishing. When we get back there, we can go and find some for you to work on. Russ


Russ Burrows
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(6/23/05 3:55 pm)
Reply     MAKING A POINT BEFORE I LEAVE I should make this point before I leave. Like Able, I too have other fish to fry. The cave was sealed perminatly with my permission and consent. It is to dangerous to leave open and I know that the treasure hunters will flock to it like bees to honey. The archaeologist and I discussed this situation and we decided rather than get someone killed, the cave needed to be closed for all time. That is exactly what was done. As for Najor doing a turn around....again, well I really don't care. He and his partner were trouble when they were involved years ago and his attitude hasn't changed. So! That's it. As far as I am concerned, Burrows Cave is right where it should be. In the past. I will no longer answer any question from anyone on the subject. It ias over folks. Move on to other subjects. And, there is no use in posting stupid, insulting things here because I won't be here to read them. I came onto this forum to clear up the stuff HH and PS were throwing around and I have done that. Russ Burrows


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(6/28/05 10:17 am)
Reply     LOOKING AT THE DAMAGE This summer, when I can get the time(it is a 3 day round trip for me)Whyte Eagle, Hardevidence, Able and Kanabite and myself will be going to Illinois to determine just what the damage is and how to get around it. If there is a way, we will find it. By the way, Those named are the only ones going. Now! Don't no body be coming back with a bunch of questions beacuse I won't answer them. The Thos named four have my e-mail address and if they have any thing to ask, that will be the way to do it.. The rest of you: Silent O, Wonhooseeks, just set there and stew. Oh, by the way. I have a bridge for sale. The one that crosses from New Jersey to New York. Any body interested? If you believe that, you are dumber than donky dung. Russ Burrows


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Reply     Re: Back to the subject Najor, I am forbidden to disclose the name of the university until the report is published. The law pertains to when a burial is found and they didn't get that far into the cave so no laws were broken. If we can figure a way of re-opening that shaft, that will put us within a few feet of the burial cripts so, at that time, permits will have to be obtained. Permits are not required for exploring and that is what they were doing. The guy is devoting full time to writting the report now. He guesstimates it will be at least 20,000 pages and he hopes to be finished and published by 2006 or 2007. This report will be aimed at the scholars and such so every thing that was observed will have to be reported on and every photograph will have to be published and explained. Such a report is not done in just a few months or just a few years. It takes time. A lot of time. He is not going to risk his reputation by doing a shoddy piece of work. I, for one am glad it is being done as it is because it will leave no question unanswered. The cause of all of this delay is my fault. The first nine or ten years was wasted when I was associated with Jack Ward(God rest his soul). I should have paid more attention to the admistrative end of it and what was happening, I did tell him one time that he couldn't decipher english. He got kinda mad. Then we had your old buddy, Jackson Judge get involved and nearly two years were wasted there with him bam boozeling Ward. I would estimate that 12 to 15 years were wasted and, you know as well as I do that to have revealed anything to Judge would have been the ruin of us all. The anthropologist was at the site for nearly four years and if you know anything about this sort of thing, you know that five to ten years is not unusual. We just have to keep plugging along and try to correct the mistakes that were made. An example being that Wayne May got hold of a lot of Wards paperwork and he is beginning to spread it around. That is really bad news. I mean: Chief Raz for Giods sake! Raz translates to chief so Wards hero was chief chief I guess. Also, this fourm thread need to get to the slow pitch. All of the name calling and mud slinging needs to stop. Including me.
Russ B

      So, to Cliff Notes the latest yarn from Burrows, a midwestern university has been investigating the "cave" for about four years, only entered an ante-chamber (so as not to violate the "crypts" and Illinois state law), discovered over two thousand artifacts and inscribed stones, and has now sealed up the "cave" and disguised their efforts.   At one point, Burrows was offering to take a dozen believers to his cave, but now the carrot is just a walk in the woods of southern Illinois, exactly the scam he's pulled on several others at various times in the past.  Future publications?  Sure, there will probably be some talk about publications in a couple of years when Darth Burrows recruits his next disciples (believers).

Update 12/1/05

     A recent episode (11-16-05) of Matt and Trey’s adult-oriented animation series, South Park, achieved a modicum of cool by asking Tom Cruise (actor, Scientologist and alleged homosexual) to “come out of the closet” approximately 39 times.  On the South Park website, the creators posted:

Episode 912 Controversy  This past's week's episode of South Park, "Trapped in the Closet," has generated a lot of controversy for its portrayal of the Church of Scientology and Actor Tom Cruise. CNN has done an indepth analysis of this most recent episode, from Stan's remarks about lawsuits to a tally of Tom Cruise "come out of the closet" references. Click here and check out CNN's three minute video, available online in Windows Media format."

I'm reminded of Burrows and his ...problems.  Come out of the cave, Russ!  It'll be okay...

     The Burrows Hoax ala carte is the marketing of the engraved BC rock folk-art.  The full dinner includes a belief in little green men with poor hand to mouth coordination who traverse reality by means of imaginary science, conversations with spirits and ghosts, and a clothing dysmorphic disorder with an emphasis on uniforms and costumes.

     Jeff Heck, an Indiana independent film maker, recently watched and made brief descriptive transcriptions of two videos from 1991 which featured Burrows talking about extraterrestrials and space-ships.  Jeff kindly allowed me to reprint his descriptions as “Burrows and UFOs (Heck 2005).”  It achieves an amount of goofiness, though nowhere near the depths of Hubbard and his evil alien lizard video-taped lectures...

     Though Heck’s descriptions mention spirits and ghosts, no conversations between Russ and the Other Side have been reported for awhile.  Many, however, dearly hope the situation changes soon and Russ is able to speak to the Other Side on a more regular basis.

     Burrows’ claims of federal military service, heroic medals and awards, with battlefield promotions and the like seem to suggest a hobbyist gone mad.  Burrows’ dress-up thing is dragged around in my online “Uniform Characters.” [Note: Que actor costumed like a Viking entering a bedroom asking, “What’s in your closet?”]

Russ in military attire (Burrows and Rydholm 1992; p. 30 & 40) & close-up of chest-salad; used without permission.

On May 21, 2005, The Ancient Historical Research Foundation (AHRF), a revisionist Mormon cult organization held a “Symposium” on the campus of Brigham Young University which prominently featured the engraved BC rocks. Russ loaned fourteen examples of his BC folk-art to AHRF and they were subsequently “examined” by Steven Earl Jones, Ph.D. (Full Professor, Physics and Astronomy; Brigham Young).  Prof. Jones refers to his belief in history as described in The Book of Mormon (Smith 1830) on his curriculum vitae.  This shouldn’t be a surprise at a Mormon cult teaching institution.  That Prof. Jones also believes Muslims didn’t destroy the World Trade Center is both surprising and a possibly actionable example of hate-speech.  Prof. Jones (Hard Evidence?) has claimed the examination results of the Burrows Hoax artifacts were inconclusive.  Great!  If a racist and paranoid cult member can’t disprove the antiquity of the engraved BC folk-art, who can?

     The Mormon cult is based on The Book of Mormon, an “American forgery (Oestreicher 2002),” written by a treasure-diviner (Brooks 1994).  The “Pioneer Scientology” of Mormonism was overtly anti-federal before Utah’s statehood, while it’s continued covertly against the government since.  The racist pseudohistorical narrative of The Book of Mormon encourages the belief that ancient Hebrews sailed to America, fought wars among themselves, and when the resurrected Jesus appeared some of those Hebrews who wouldn’t support the resurrected Jesus had their skins darkened and became Native Americans.  Prof. Williams
(Peabody Professor of North American Archaeology and Ethnography, emeritus, Harvard) exercised more sensitivity than he should have when he described Mormonism in his textbook (Williams 1991b; pp. 159-168).  Prof. Jones should consider Prof. Williams’ comment about science: “We do not claim to have the solution to every difficult question in understanding the past–the other guys do that! (Williams 1991a, p. 2.)”  Golden Plates?

      Brigham Young University (Salt Lake City, UT) is owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), a troublesome corporate § 501 tax exempt cult.  In 1998, the American Association of University Professors put BYU on its list of censured organizations because of a lack of academic freedom among BYU faculty.  It’s mistreatment of gay students is well investigated.  That the corporate cult behind BYU, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is not recognized as a Christian faith and doesn't belong to The World Council of Churches, demonstrates how the cult interacts with other groups.

     The Mormon cult was founded upon lies concerning ancient Jews in America, continues to lie to today’s Jews about its cult practices, and now backs a “scientist” who claims Jews, not Muslims, blew up the World trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.  Yeah, the country is still great, but we’ve got some serious image work to attend to!  New Age and neo-pagan groups getting a tax break is one thing, but the Scientology and Mormon cults as religions?  We’re stuck in Kansas... 

     Prof. Jones apparently didn’t squander much time between finishing up his examination of the Burrows Hoax artifacts and hitting the press-circuit with his racist WTC theory.  On Nov. 10, 2005,  a Deseret Morning News story began:

“The physics of 9/11 — including how fast and symmetrically one of the World Trade Center buildings fell — prove that official explanations of the collapses are wrong, says a Brigham Young University physics professor.  In fact, it's likely that there were 'pre-positioned explosives' in all three buildings at ground zero, says Steven E. Jones.  In a paper posted online Tuesday and accepted for peer-reviewed publication next year, Jones adds his voice to those of previous skeptics, including the authors of the Web site, whose research Jones quotes. Jones' article can be found at  'It is quite plausible that explosives were pre-planted in all three (WTC) buildings,' BYU physics professor Steven E. Jones says.  Jones, who conducts research in fusion and solar energy at BYU, is calling for an independent, international scientific investigation 'guided not by politicized notions and constraints but rather by observations and calculations.  'It is quite plausible that explosives were pre-planted in all three buildings and set off after the two plane crashes — which were actually a diversion tactic,' he writes. 'Muslims are (probably) not to blame for bringing down the WTC buildings after all,' Jones writes. As for speculation about who might have planted the explosives, Jones said,  don't usually go there. There's no point in doing that until we do the scientific investigation' (Jarvik  2005)."

     Peer-review?   The claimed peer-reviewed publication: "RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) is a collaborative effort of hundreds of volunteers in 51 countries to enhance the dissemination of research in economics. The heart of the project is a decentralized database of working papers, journal articles and software components. All RePEc material is freely available. You may add your own materials to RePEc through a department or institutional archive -- all institutions are welcome to join and contribute their materials by establishing and maintaining their own RePEc archive."   There's no mention of peer-review in this economic data-base.

     From “Prof. Jones Tallks (sic) To Arctic Beacon On WTC Demo By Greg Szymanski 11-12-5,” on the website: 'My paper has been accepted for publication and surprisingly I have been met with a lot of encouragement and support from my colleagues at BYU. There have been, of course, emails calling me nuts and crazy but that's to be expected.’  I strongly guess that “accepted for publication” means something closer to the opening and reading of an e-mail attachment.

Al Qaeda didn’t do it?  Explosives?   It just couldn't have been the Jews, could it have Prof. Jones?  Like Larry Silverstein, owner of the WTC?  I hope enough Jews won't stand for the hate-speech from a professor with a declared cult agenda speaking outside his field.   It's good to hope.

Screen captures of Prof. Jones and Larry; used without permission.

     From the “Questioning what happened on 9/11: Professor believes planes didn't cause all the damage around the WTC,” segment of MSNBC’s The Situation with Tucker Carlson; Nov. 15, 2005:

CARLSON:  I want to read you a quote from the 'Deseret Morning News,' a paper in Utah, from you.  I'm quoting now. "It is quite plausible that explosives were pre-planted in all three buildings and set off after the two plane crashes, which are actually a diversion tactic.  Muslims are probably not to blame for bringing down the World Trade Center buildings after all."  That's, I would think, pretty offensive to a lot of the people listening.  Do you have any evidence for that?

JONES:  Well, not-not to the Muslims, I might say.

CARLSON:  Well, that's good.

JONES:  I have a lot of e-mails.

CARLSON:  I'm sure your writings greeted with just glee in Islamabad, and Peshawar and places like that.  But for Americans.

JONES:  Well, I haven't received notes from there, but just good people.  I have Muslim friends.  Let me read, for example, but I'm not going to let you off the hook.  I really want to do this experiment with you.

CARLSON:  We don't have a lot of time for experiments, Professor.

     There was no experiment; Prof. Jones misspoke (read: lied).  It was about evidence and there was no hard evidence, just:

JONES:  Well, that's basically it, yes, but as we read in the FEMA report, it says here, and I put this in my paper, of course.  "The best hypothesis, which is the only one they looked at, fire, has only a low probability of occurrence.  Further investigation analyses are needed to resolve this issue, and I agree with that."


JONES:  But they admit there's only a low probability...

     So, a “scientist” confuses conducting an experiment with presenting evidence and when the “scientist” presents his evidence it’s “a low probability” qualifier in a FEMA report.  It seems Prof. Jones has a footnote and it's going to be online next year at some place other than his BYU webpage! (Jones 2005a)

     The current online version of Prof. Jones’ WTC “theory,” listed as “DRAFT 2.5,” references the future with: Jones, S. E. (2005). “The Official 9-11 Story as ‘Bad Science’,”  Paper in preparation. (Jones 2005b)  This “theory” isn’t new, there’s been much painful media released by talkshow jerk and conspiracy nutjob, Alex Jones, and Prof. Jones doesn’t bring much from BYU to the evidence table.  Prof. Jones does, however, feel comfortable with supporting his “theory” by referencing ex-Pentagon arms salesman and current author of several conspiracy fictional non-fiction books, Col. Donn de Grand Pré, U. S. Army (Ret.), and rogue theologian turned psycho, David Ray Griffin, Ph.D. (Professor Emeritus of Philosophy of Religion and Theology, Claremont School of Theology).  I thinking I’m starting to understand a possible justification of including Prof. Jones’ “theory” in an economic data-base.

Photographs of the "Jones Boys," Col. Donn De Grand Pré, U. S. Army (Ret.) & Prof. Griffin; used without permission.

     Prof. Jones posted on the BC forum earlier this year:

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Reply     Twistory = twisted history? Twistory (Richard Flavin) asks: "Would you want a Mormon lecturing public school children that ancient Israelites traveled to the New World..." The newspaper article says about Wayne May's views on this point: "Although he offers no answers in his magazine, he leaves that to the educated but always skeptical experts who have all the money to conduct lab tests and do field work. May certainly raises a lot of questions. For example, another recent story in his magazine claims Phoenician Israelites came to America about 1,000 B.C. The story cites a book by a late Harvrd professor who said North African Phoenician inscriptins, coins
and trade items were found in New England, Ohio, and West Virginia." I suppose that discussing such evidence from a Harvard professor would not be off-limits. Then Flavin goes on in what I consider twisted/distorted history: "...those who didn’t believe in the resurrected Jesus had their skins darkened in punishment which is claimed by the LDS to have given rise to the various nations of Native Americans? Being a diffusionist is one thing, usually on the level of a hobbyist, but being a Mormon and preaching twisted history to kids is cult behavior and should be illegal in public schools" No, I as an LDS do NOT believe that "those who didn’t believe in the resurrected Jesus had their skins darkened in punishment which is claimed by the LDS to have given rise to the various nations of Native Americans" . Can you cite any references for your statement, Flavin? It is inflammatory, your twisted-history remark above -- but this is not taught by the LDS to my knowledge. I don't believe it.

      I replied:

First, the late Harvard professor was Barry Fell, a published marine biologist. I spoke and exchanged letters with Fell for a dozen years. The Harvard professor I studied under was Stephen Williams, the author of FANTASTIC ARCHAEOLOGY. Regarding the possibility of pre-Columbian Hebrew inscriptions in America, a better choice would be the late Prof. Cyrus Gordon of Brandeis University. Gordon believed he identified Samaritan elements in the Los Lunas inscription, supported the Bat Creek stone as Hebrew in origin, but changed his mind about the Paraiba inscription from research I did for him showing Masonic influence in Brazil. I went to Gordon’s funeral and miss him mightily. Anything else; e-mail me. As far as LDS origins for Native Americans, please ask at a library or learn to use an online search-engine. Here’s a URL of one such entry: Respecting this forum, with manners, I invite off-forum discussions of these topics. This forum, as I understand it, is about Russ and his claim of a fantastic cave. Regards, Richard Flavin

Prof. Jones never followed up.  So much for evidence, but that's to be expected from most associated with the Burrows Hoax.

2 Nephi 5:21-23 (Smith 1830); online here.

     Shoveling along; I still feel the sting of irony at the Chicago Reader’s assertion that as a writer I’ve made a “cottage industry” in exposing Frank Collin, the ex-neo-Nazi, half-Jewish, convicted homosexual pedophile, and editor of the nationally distributed The Ancient American magazine (Miner 2002).  I got two small checks ten years ago and haven’t made a dime on the creep since.  However, I have personally paid to maintain a website which allows folks to learn what Collin has been up to.  Every on or offline mention that Frank Collin now writes as the New Age entertainer, Frank Joseph, is based on my efforts and I’m seldom credited.  Wikipedia's entry for Collin is a sad example of this.  Sure, it’s kind of flattering when my Ugarit or ogham articles are copied uncredited online, but the Collin material is potentially malevolent on the wrong websites.  One such website is dedicated to Skokie and Collin and has a separate webpage for Collin and his relationship with Russ Burrows.

     The uncredited website contains material about Frank and Russ, much sampling from my efforts, but new Burrows Hoax nonsense as well.  Unfortunately all the new stuff is either wrong or questionable (i.e., the pic of Russ in a guard outfit), or comes with a large side of anti-Semetism.  The slathered with hate website has:

    "Collin Fades Away
    Frank Collin served 3 yrs in Pontiac. Someone provide him with the resources to buy protection, and he was soon befriended by a guard named Russell Burrows.
    In 1983 Collins/Cohen was released early, and headed to Wisconsin.
    Russell Burrows Moves To Wisconsin
    In 1982, Burrows is out hunting, as he steps on a  rock, it gives away, and he falls into 12,000 yr old cave. The cave has $60 million in gold, ancient burial chambers, and thousands of artifacts.
    "The artifacts may be as old as 726 B.C. to 10,000 B.C.," said Russell Burrows.
Amazingly,  Fuehrer Cohen shows up near the 'Burrows Cave'
The Fuehrer is now an editor of an archeological  magazine
    Was Commander Collin a sincere Nazi, or just another Jewish publicity hoax?  Did the Ancients sail to America 12,000 yrs ago, or is that story a hoax too.
    Has the 'Commander' quelled his past 'Urges', or in his South American travels will 'Das Furhrer' be forced to discipline a young 10 yr old Mexicano boy?"

Ouch!  Wisconsin seems to figure prominently and could suggest the source of this new nonsense, but there’s an Arizona address out there which could indicate contact with Hubbard.  I’m not calling or contacting whoever’s behind the website.  And, of course, I’m not going to the neo-Nazi forum.  The BC forum has proved too much fun for me to rethink my priorities.

      WHOIS has:

Domain Name:                                 JUDICIAL-INC.BIZ
Domain ID:                                   D6242128-BIZ
Sponsoring Registrar:                        GO DADDY SOFTWARE, INC.
Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID:                146
Registrant ID:                               GODA-05391803
Registrant Name:                             Registration Private
Registrant Organization:                     Domains by Proxy, Inc.
Registrant Address1:               
Registrant Address2:                         15511 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160,
Registrant City:                             Scottsdale
Registrant State/Province:                   Arizona
Registrant Postal Code:                      85260
Registrant Country:                          United States
Registrant Country Code:                     US
Registrant Phone Number:                     +1.4806242599
Registrant Email:                  

     The uncredited uber-creep also writes on another webpage, “Sept 11 .....2001   The most brazen of all Israeli attacks.”  Just like the racist and paranoid rants of Prof. Jones above.  Anti-Semitism is an unexplored theme with the Burrows Hoax.  Damn; more work!  Burrows Mine?  I e-mailed Russ weeks ago about the uber-creep, but he didn't reply.

     A new webpage features an honest assessment of Burrows’ military claims by those who’ve actually served.  It ain’t pretty because it’s not supposed to be.  The hypersensitive may wish to skip this part...  From the SOG webpage:

He is not listed as having ever served with SOG, not listed in the Who's Who form MACVSOG and no one in Special Forces has ever heard of this guy. During the 1963 time frame, there were only two Colonels in Special Forces, he certainly wasn't either of them and SOG had not been created at this time. There was no General in Special Forces Warefare Center so how did he get a General to sign his orders?  Had he ever been in Special Forces or SOG with his claimed rank, he would have been well known among our community. Cpt Robert L. Noe, USA, SOA/SFA/NOBC Steve Sherman, 5th Speical Forces and SOG Historian says:  "Call Dan Rather and Mary Mapes. Give them the scoop."
This one does not look anything like the one I KNEW!  Would have replied sooner, however, sometime during my uncontrollable laughing I pissed my pants and fainted...just came to !  Holy Balls ! ! What next ? The one I worked with (briefly) was constantly bragging about his exploits in S.E.A. .  One day he had to take some time off to go to the V.A. for a check-up.  Stated he had a steel plate in his head as a result of some type of action in Cambodia.  I questioned him about it and his statement was like so many others "can't really talk about it"  I was a Navy seal and the mission was Top Secret (sound Familiar) ?  He went on to say that he was a LCDR in the Navy - the shit just kept getting deeper!  I let it go on and figured he would make a mistake - HE DID !  He said the wrong thing about my wife one day and bingo.  I said to myself either I punch this bastard or bring him down in front of everyone.....I tried the latter.  I found out what I wanted to know but it did not seem to have much of an effect on the hordes that already had this High-Priest image of the prick.  He climbed a steep ladder on the bones of many and lied all the way...I managed to get my hands on the information normally contained on DD214's.  Imagine this - for a brief second, just by the looks of this guy I thought he could be real...he looked 10 years older than me - he way 10 years younger.  Had NEVER been to Vietnam or any other country (except in his mind).  When I asked him about the LCDR part he said he was given a Direct Commission - holy shit, all the way to LCDR (Major)!.  this didn't sound right given his age.  He then stated he was considered Genius and graduated from Penn State when he was 16..  No Genius, just a CON-MAN.  Exposed - Maybe, but like I said - he was already entrenched in the minds of some of his followers and nothing was ever going to change that - even the fact that he never finished BOOT CAMP and his total time in service was less than 10 months.  He's not one of our wannabes, but in this instance let's at least make him an honorary asshole! Egan
The orders for this guy was never printed at Ft Bragg or anywhere else that was an official part of the Army, let along SF and Training.
CIA and SF were never issued any orders with joint mention, let alone TS without any distribution symbols etc., this guy is a phony and so are these so called orders. TS orders or any document TS would have to have control numbers, stamped at both top and bottom TS plus a distribution schedule at the bottom of the text. Downgrading instructions would apply also. Hand carried by a courier. There are to many mistakes on these orders. Such as the date and subject. etc. If this guy is still around, those fake orders should land him some time in the ole jail house where he belongs. Duh Bear
In a message dated 11/26/2005 10:38:51 A.M. Central Standard Time, SOG1RLNOE writes: Could you tell me if the military issued paper orders like these back in 63? No. Should read: HEADQUARTERS UNITED STATES ARMY JOHN F. KENNEDY CENTER FOR SPECIAL WARFARE (AIRBORNE) Fort Bragg, North Carolina 28307 And orders would have been classified "FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY"
First point, if this guy was to begin any conversation about any of his "qualifications", I would go to the latrine and not return. Everything is backward. As if photo negative has been reversed.... or some one was looking at a photo while attaching devices etc Order of awards are all incorrect. As you stated, the name tag is not right Paper orders are like none I ever saw. Documents from a Generals Office would have no miss spelled words, abbreviations like on this Document i.e. Subject line. Opinion..... LIAR AND WANNABE......... Keep the faith, Jerry Jeffcoat
The orders are obviously bogus. I doubt his story would hold up to serious investigation. The picture may be reversed, that would show the ribbons on the wrong side. John
From: MoeElmore
Well as noted the Mau Mau were in Kenya and no where near South Africa, and Leopold may exist in (Republic of South Africa) RSA but the one most well known was Leopoldville which I think was in the Congo when Belgium was the colonial master. As for the orders, they are without a doubt phony as can be. Just look at the signature line and block. They just do not compute. That old boy may have been in the Army in Korea and Vietnam but he sure did not work where he claimed in those orders. Moe
- I didn't know that SF had a CG that was a 2-star MG in '63  (Billy Waugh states we had no Generals at that time and only two Col's and this guy wasn't one of them). And since when was War Fare - - as in Special Warfare, 2 words ????? John Korsbeck SOA 326GL SFA 9366
I normally feel that the phony chase is a waste of energy, but then again if civilians believe this shit, I bet he wasn't even in the service and is or has been bamboozling the VA as well. What was he thinking of when he sent this forward? Hmmm shows that the cranially challenged are stupider than originally thought. This guy on the other hand could give the deranged and twisted a bad name. Lets see that would be bad because we are deranged and twisted; hmmmm jewish lightning, or non descript grey sedan with bull bars and a foggy night? Nick
BULLSHIT!! These "orders" are a complete fabrication by someone who has no idea what they are doing .... except lying.
A better understanding of this bullshit artiste is at: Check out that site. Perhaps our exposure of this asshole will put his "cave artifacts" into the rock crusher where they belong. Note that "Special Forces" is only mentioned in his fake bio at the URL above. However, it gives a great insight into a huckster and his NeoNazi friends. Suggest that any attempt to discredit this piece of dung be done in the name of SOA, NOT an individual. We should kick his ass as a group, to defend the name of all our comrades. However, a single individual does not need to put up with the kind of attacks this bunch of maggots like to dish out. For a starter, see the following quote, from the URL above. " McGlone was concerned with why some believe and behave as they do. Burrows is a liar who craves attention. Like Collin, he has a uniform fetish (Burrows and Rydholm 1992, see pics on pp. 23 and 30, text on p.23). He also has a penchant for telling tall tales and once bragged “he was called in by the Air Force to interrogate UFO witnesses (Heck 2001).” His involvement in financial scams is well documented. A pathological liar? A master con-artist? In 1995, Burrows tried his hand at writing again and produced pieces suggesting Carthaginian pirates were responsible for Burrows Cave (Burrows 1995a), and a non-fantastic overview of the so-called “Black Hawk War (Burrows 1995c).” To suggest that Burrows likes to keep busy would be the grossest of understatements." A Google search on: "Russell Burrows" will give you more information on this idiot. As far as the email you forwarded, it is full of nonsense. Look at the orders. They are written in Plain Language, something the U.S. Army was totally incapable of in 1963. They would have included "EDCSA" or "Effective Date of Change of Strength Accountability" ... the date one unit would lose him and the other unit would  "gain" him. Also note that he went from Battlefield Commission in 1953, to the rank of COL O-6 in 1963. I forget the exact Time In Grade requirements for back then, but it was something like: 2LT to 1LT - 2yrs 1LT to CPT 4 yrs CPT to MAJ 4 yrs MAJ to LTC 7 yrs?? Of course, his language is not that which was used back then: "Repatriated to Continental U.S." The heading on the orders are bullshit. Steve Sherman should be able to come up with the correct heading for Ft. Bragg, about the time these "orders" were supposedly cut. Note that they are also missing the Office Symbol ... a coded heading, that should be at the top left of the orders, just above the From/To information. Note also that the From portion of the orders would not have "MG ...... O-8' The "SB'JT" is also a bullshit abbreviation. His orders say "currant" duty .... that's a berry ... should be "current." I have never known a Major General that would sign such a sloppy set of orders such as these. What's more, normally a MG does not sign the orders. They are signed by his Adjutant ... "For The Commander" would appear to the upper left of the signature block. Then, look at the signature block.... since I joined the military in 1961, we have NEVER used a signature block like that!! Notice also that "Warfare" is written "War Fare" in the signature block. The phrase "These Orders are Top Secret" is also Bullshit.... they would have simply been stamped "Top Secret," not "These Orders Are ....." Maybe there is a law, where this scumbag currently lives, that can be used to punish fakes like him? Regards Randy Givens
Reversing the photo helps. However, the Korean badge above his right pocket should be centered ... everyone knows this. Also note the lack of Vietnam service medals/campaign medals, etc. See my previous reply (above) I have long wanted to see a Wall of Shame, and not just for Wannabe's ... idjits like Dr. Chu, the current DoD Personnel liar in chief, and those others who have screwed soldiers through the years should also be included. Randy Exposing the fake, the devil is in the paper size
Robert, Another way of exposing the fraud .... get him to show you his "original" orders. I'll bet they are printed on 8.5" x 11.0" paper (standard letter size). Problem is, the Army used 8" x 10.5" paper for years. I just measured a copy of orders, from Ft. Bragg, dated 1967, and they are on "Army Size" paper. I think the story was that the smaller sized paper was supposed to be so that the paper couldn't be stolen and used by civilians --- there used to be a training film on the 'so many dollar pencil' (I forget the dollar amount cited). It was how soldiers thoughtlessly taking pencils home would drain the Army of precious training dollars, etc. Anyway, the fake probably did not think to cut his paper down to "Army size." Thanks again, for all you do. Warm regards Randy
I'm for the wannabe site. I've busted two people, one saying he was Delta (through SFA and a Delta contact I confirmed twice that he was not) and the second guy saying he was a SEAL (I contacted the guys at the SEAL locator and they said they were 100% certain he was not a SEAL). - Jim
Personally, I have never seen orders cut this way. Also, is this guy a General? Yes, you are correct. His medals and name tag are on reversed sides. Never saw this guy. Al Doyle
Looks like Bullshit to Me. John Sending to Lou Faistenhammer.Paul Payne and Charlie Norton for their preview John "GOD BLESS AMERICA-IN GOD WE TRUST'
I have a good feeling that this is someone trying to pose as a distinguished combat veteran. Here is just a couple of things that jump out at me. 1. He says he graduated in 1952 and sent to Korea. Since he also states that he was born in 1935, this would make him either 16 or 17 years old. In 1953 he states he received a battlefield commission, so he was at best 18? Seems a little young for that doesn't he? 2. I am very suspicious of the fact he states that he received all of the following " 1 Bronze Star, 2 Silver stars, 1 Legion of Merit, 2 Purple Hearts" while still a second lieutenant? Do you know any 2LT who has done that much in the period of one year (he states he came back in 1953 and was promoted to 1LT). 3. In 1955 he goes to "Advanced Ranger Training in Guerrilla warfare". Since I wear a Ranger Tab myself, I have never heard of the "Advanced Ranger Training" course he mentions. Nor in any of my historical readings of the Ranger Department have I heard mention of an "Advanced Ranger Course." 4. Within the period of one year (1960 to 1961) he states that he applied for, was accepted, and conducted his SF training, then followed with an assignment to Saigon. This too does not seem to make sense for the expected timeline of training (SFQC, language training, etc.) 5. His timeline for promotions does not make sense either. As far as I know, there were no direct abilities to promote folks past their peers in the early 1960s. If he was a 1LT in 1953, but when he returns in 1963 he was an O-6 (Colonel). When did he work in the Advanced Course (Captain), Command and General Staff College (Major), and the War College (LTC)?
6. His orders that he shows look nothing like their official and the units mentioned I cannot cross reference with any of my historical documents which emulated from Bragg at that time. We all know that the 5th SFG was there, but I cannot find anything relating to the 5th SOG he mentions. As far as I am aware, the SOG was stood up in SEA and never had formal ties back to Fort Bragg, NC. The format does not look like the way I have seen other orders from that time period beginning. For example the "TOP SECRET" which is on the paper was not common in those days. I think like the issues with Bush during the last election and the "forged" performance reports, an expert on writing will tell you the font and other features were not common to the early 1960s. Hope this helps. I think that until Mr. Burrows does some more explaining about his background, he should be treated as a "wanna-be." Respectfully, Greg
1 The photo is reversed - the ribbons are on the wrong side 2 This guy went from 2d Lt (53) to Col 06 in ten years - I doubt it. 3 "Advanced Ranger training in guerilla warfare". The Ranger Course is the Ranger Course - what shit is this? 4 Get his DD 214 - that will give you his record. 5 That set of orders is so obviously fabricated a village idiot can spot it. The heading is wrong - Bunny Knowles (the CG's secretary from Yarborough to probably 1996) would never have typed that! 5th Special Forces, 5th Special Operations Group (5th S.O.G.) This is an amateurish farce. Charlie Norton "Fang"
Actually, the time frame is correct for the Mau Mau uprising, which was in Kenya (I don’t believe the Congo was mentioned). It would have been late in the insurrection, but within the time frame. Seems to me someone would know this guy. Don Williams
Sherman's right. Call Rather and Mapes. Also look at the photo--it's either a reversed negative or he's got his ribbons and ID on backwards. I believe it's the latter, as his buttons appear to be properly aligned (button on right, hole on left). And there's no "Leopold" in South Africa; it's "Leopoldville" in the Congo. And no Americans were (could have been) involved in putting down a so-called National Liberation uprising. The bio and letter are ridiculous. There are all sorts of misspellings, invalid terms, and improper abbreviations. What is this guy's IQ? He's got to have an empty bucket to think that any military man would believe this. I'll bet this guy is drawing 100% disability for PTSD suffered in Leopold. Even we Navy guys can see through this one! Larry Bailey USN (Ret.)
Looks bogus to me, however, I am truly not an expert in such matters. Could the photo be reverse image, thus causing the ribbons to be on the wrong side (as well as the name tag)? I never saw a name tag with so much info, though illegible. Also, the orders seem out of whack with all orders I have seen, and I used to be a special orders clerk and personnel sergeant briefly, including the year in question, 1963, but not at Fort Bragg, rather in Germany. I smell a rat, but could be wrong. Have been before. Don
This JOKER is a want to be. I do not know what his game is, but would like to find out. I think that we should send all of his data to the FBI, you know the one to have him charged and sent on a vacation. With the decorations that he claims he is another Audie M. I think that someone with that many awards the press would have his story. I never knew the joker. Kennemur sends
First of all never heard of an advanced Ranger training course in guerilla warfare. However, I believe that the Ranger Association has access to a list that shows every one whoever completed the Ranger Course and when. He claims he was reactivated in 1995. As he went out two years before as a first lt. he would have come back a 1st Lt. then to full bull in 8 years???? Further all classified documents are stamped top and bottom with the classification of the document. The army does not put a comment at the bottom of the signature block stating what the classification is. This guy is off his rocker if he thinks any of us are going to believe him. He is just another wannabee. Earl
ANYONE, who had spent more then a couple years in the military, would realize that there are too many poorly created signature blocks and ID traces.......................
I'm not sure what I am reading here..I sent your mail to a Marine, PT Hughes and he returned this link, one of many he said. He has a dislike of these people who run around with tin hats and Vietnam stories. I'll let my eyes rest and go over this one again, but if you hold a Wanabee contest, this guy Kimball will be up near the top it seems. Nah, Sherman is wrong to hand this guy over to 60 Minutes. More like Jerry Springer. John Martin . SOA 345 GL
Robert, I don't think this (he) is for real. 1963 the 5th Gp was still at Bragg and we did not have a SOG, and most of the TDY teams out of Bragg came out of the 7th and the 1st in Oki. I have been on a few classified missions and I have never gotten orders that had top secret as that one. Jack Sends
Taking a second look at the orders there is no Special Order number on them. This alone tells me that they are fakes Kennemur sends
From: Crashmakool
From: DocMohler
Fake document. Done on a word processor. The typewriters back then could not do reduced size superscript. David G. Mohler, M.D.
President Refugee Relief International, Inc.
I wouldn't dignify this phony bastard by commenting on what I think of him. Andy
From: PeteEstr
Another SICK PUPPY!!!
I haven't had time to make a detailed review of the photo (which may be reversed), but I do have some questions on the orders. The abbreviations for Subject, Major General are not accurate. Current (currant) is spelled incorrectly and there are several format discrepancies. I would also expect a zip on the letterhead. These may be picky administrative stuff, but merit looking at.
I don't have the research capability and it was before my time, but I do not remember any discussion on a "5th S.O.G." ever being Fort Bragg before or during the Vietnam War. My thoughs, David Gordon
Sent from the Internet (Details)
I also noticed on the "Top Secret" orders there is a misspelling of the word current. In this "Top Secret" document the word is spelled in fruit or berry. The "Top Secret" looks like the paper that can be purchased from a catalog store.... Looks suspect to me
Cheers to all, Aye yours, Ken Gaudet SOA #964  [Note:  x's have been placed in front of e-mail addresses above.  I appreciate the imput from the SOG posters and won't make it easy for the spambots.]

Forged orders by Burrows (click image to enlarge), Burrows with chest-salad & close-up of chest-salad.

     With two new websites featuring Russ, I decided to give the good ol' boy a telephone call.  I got the deaf, feeble old guy; “Rich?” he asked weakly.  “Rick?” he asked again and more lively  Then, like death and taxes, he exploded with: "Rick Flavin?  Fuck you!”  Throughout the next five minutes, good ol’ Russ encouraged me to have sex with myself dozens of times, while I limited my encouragements to perhaps six or seven times.  I told Russ that my aside about his uniform fetish was all in a day’s work, but the two new websites were not of my doing or direct influence.  I asked him to settle down, think about being associated with a racist and paranoid BYU professor and about the prison-guard claim of one website and the comments by servicemen on another, and to call me back or e-mail me.  It was a screaming match, but I stressed to him the importance of replying.  I shouldn’t have lied.  Nothing Russ could contribute at this point, except in the presence of a judge or similar official, could be important.  I gave him a chance and he took it.

Screen capture showing a billing for a call to Burrows; 1:17 PM US Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

     Tidying up, Russ posted on the BC forum 28 mins. after our conversation:

“Remember too that I did not want to write a book on the subject. I believed it was too soon with out enough "hard evidence"(no pun intended Hardevidence)to support the claims. The co-author, Fred Rydholm snookered me into writing that book. Remember too that the period from 1982 to 1991 was wasted in that a person who was involved until his death was using that material to establish himself as a qualified epigrapher. He was not. He was a cruched stone salesman with the Rogers Construction Company. What he did should have eliminated the subject at hand from any consideration.”

     Fred snookered?  Fred’s younger relatives want a word with you, Russ.  Something about how cold it gets in Michigan this time of year.  And, classic Russ, like Khan's last words against Kirk in Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan (“From hell's heart I stab at thee...  For hate's sake...  I spit my last breath at thee!”), he blames Ward's lack of salesmanship skills and for not marketing the Burrows Hoax artifacts better.  Jack’s younger relatives might want a word with you, as well, Russ.  But, they could also be sick and tired of the whole mess after their dealings with Hubbard some years back.  My reply would take another 82 mins.

Screen capture showing a BC forum posting by REB; 10:50 AM US Mountain Daylight time (1:50 PM US Eastern Daylight time).

“Mr. Flavin:
This is to advise you that I do not want to be contacted by you in the future. Be advised as well that I have contacted the editor of the Greenwich Gazette regarding you intrusion into the privicy of others with a strong complaint. I have also spoken again to my attorney as well as the attorneys of the Morman Church in Slat lake City. They will be taking a hard look at your insulting and slanderous articles concerning the church.

As for the reason for your call this morning, 30 Nov. 2005: I have nothing to say to reveal to you. I have informed the telephone company of this harassing call and I have been assured that in further such calls will be delt with according to law.

Finally, the photo you posted of a "prison guard preported by you to be me is not me nor is it a prison guard. Corrections personnel in Illinois wear green uniforms. Also, that person has a hatchett nose and he is wearing his badge on the wrong side of his uniform.

Don't make a mistake like this again because I am tried of fooling with you. The next time, the result will be a lawsuit and yes, I can afford to sue you.

Russell Burrows” (Burrows 2005)

Screen capture showing an e-mail from REB; 3:12 US Eastern Daylight time (12:12 US Mountain Daylight time).

Okay; open a Sam Adams', relax and look through the Boston Legal directory for Crane, Poole and Schmidt's telephone number.  It's always a positive portend when the year draws to a close with the threat of being sued by a scumbag. 

     Exhausting these updates -- a correspondent recently reminded me of the ongoing stoner adventures of Jackson Judge.  There’s some domain problems and he’s got a Yahoo or MSN forum out there.  Really out there...  Research further at your peril!

Right: Alexander's Crypt Marker. Top: 1994 Copyright Translation by Paul Schaffranke ( as: "King Alexander of Pella." Caption Copyright by Horatio Rybnikar ( "But how could it be? Simple, he was born in Pella. This tablet is written in classical Schaff from top to bottom. It is a very simplistic script that borrows characters from 3 languages Greek, Latin and Punic. It was later learned that Burrows had removed this stone from the Main Crypt and lied about it in the second Book stating it was found in the hallway outside the Main Crypt. It was this particular decipherment that knocked Burrows right out of his chair the first time he saw it. When this decipherment flashed on the screen, he jumped up and began quickly pacing the floor back and forth repeating to himself, "Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God" over and over as he buried his face in his hands." Left: 1989 Road Atlas of Jackson Judge. Copyright Detail shows location of The Tomb of Alexander the Great.

USAtlantisNetAlexMap.jpg Posted by USAtlantis on 3/28/2005; used without permission.

Followup forum posts: 12-6-05, 12-9-05 & 12-14-05.

I yard bird; Good Morning Little Schoolgirl!

More Burrows' scratchings...

Come out of the cave, Russ!  Or not...,

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Miner, Michael.  2002.  "Hot Type: News Bites," Chicago Reader, Vol. 31, No. 16, Sect. 1, pp. 4 and 5.  After mention of a "spirited letter to the editor (Flavin 2002)," and discussing a past assignment involving Collin, Miner writes: "My view is that when someone starts out life as a Nazi, there's nowhere to go but up.  If today Joseph is peddling the wacky theory that the Waubansee Stone -- the mysterious carved boulder that was the subject of Jeff Huebner's January 4 Reader cover story -- was sculpted by visiting Phoenicians 3,000 years ago, that's a lot less odious than the racial theories Collin pronounced back in the 70s.  But Flavin sees a line from then to now.  On his website,, he asserts, "The current rhetoric of Frank Collin is familiar to any reader knowledgeable of his past, as when Collin writes of an 'Aztec holocaust,' or discusses 'misegenation,' and 'racial identity.'"  Flavin tells me, "In fact, some of his magazine articles and books are actually being marketed in some skinhead catalogs."  Flavin, who describes himself as a "struggling novelist," lived in Chicago until 1994, when he moved east.  He's a fantastic-archaeology buff himself but takes it far less seriously than Joseph: "If a couple of Romans did come over here, who cares?"  As a writer, he's turned Frank Joseph into a cottage industry.  He tells me he's had at him in the Greenwich Village Gazette and New City and the CD-ROM database Ethnic Newswatch, as well as his own Web site.  I reached Joseph by phone and inquired about his unusual path through life.  "I have nothing to say about that," he responded."  Any reader, but a Chicago reader, it seems.
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