Flavin’s Corner November 2002

Slam Saddam

Saddam takes pleasure that he has fooled most of the world by his trickery and he is well aware that, similar to pre-World War Two "thinking," people prefer to stick their head in the sand rather than be proactive. In the end, Saddam's delusional world will be destroyed; he has forgotten that people can only be fooled so many times before apathy is replaced with fearless action.
From Profiling George W. Bush and Saddam Hussein: An Analysis Based on Non-Verbal and Expressive Behavior, by Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D.

Other than death and taxes, there are few certainties in life.  We’re not absolutely sure Iraq will use its so-called weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in the future, nor can we honestly advance with the airs of surety that a war with Iraq could be conducted without a considerable loss of military and civilian lives.  We guess a lot.  Many believe Saddam is a powerful punk who will inevitably descend into madness and use his WMD against America or one of her allies, such as Israel.  My uneducated hunch suggests we should slam Saddam before he slams us.  It’s just a feeling I have.  I’ve never promoted war before, but there’s a first time for everything.  After 9-11, I feel America shouldn’t tolerate the espousal of hate by any enemy with WMD.  There are few certainties in life and we should do our utmost to protect ourselves.  Never again, as a position, comes to mind.

America has many enemies, of which some are deserved.  Our foreign policies are as fractured and dysfunctional as the average family.  Realistically, our government is run by mere humans and not mutants or superheroes – mistakes are made on an all too regular basis.  That noted, Saddam is in a unique category as far as America’s enemies are concerned, in that he’s whack, controls WMD, and seems to enjoy going on and on about the death and destruction of his enemies.  Well, that and the fact that the Gulf War never stopped and it’s time to end it.

The same could arguably be said about North Korea.  The Korean War (June 30, 1950 to July 27, 1953) sadly continues with an embarrassing lack of household pets in North Korea because of ongoing food shortages, a recently admitted nuclear capability, and a wild and crazy despot (Kim Chong-il) with a thing for Elvis and blonde chicks.  Yeah, they’ve tested missiles over Japan, but I’ve a suspicion they’re more concerned with China maneuvering a hostile takeover than a potential leveraged buyout by America.  And, though Kim is way whack on most scales, he’s recently taken steps to lose the paranoid rhetoric and normalize relationships with the rest of the planet.  Or, at the least, he seems to be trying hard to give that impression.

Libya’s Muammar Abu Minyar al-Qadhafi is in a related category.  Qadhafi is likewise a wild and crazy despot, though able to offer Islam’s rejection of non-Islamic principles in amateur philosophical musings (the so-called “Third International [or Universal] Theory”) which condemns democracy and communism, yet encourages Islamic nations to play with the rest of the planet at whatever game will allow an Islamic victory.  Sure, Qadhafi has been and remains a dangerous punk, who’s supported international terrorism with his country’s money and made some significant personal requests with deadly whimsy, and it’s only a matter of time before our attention returns.  That we spent over a billion bucks to bomb some tents, killing one of Qadhafi’s daughters, shames me that Carter’s anti-assassination commitment prevented a cheap, third-class flight in and out of Tripoli, with the dispensing of some inexpensive small caliber bullets into the head of Muammar, and it’s Miller-Time on the flight back.  I believe Bush has recently altered the Carter anti-assassination stance, and America is once more at liberty to kill economically. 

Bush should cowboy Saddam most expeditiously.  I suspect since the end of 1991's Gulf War that nary a month has went by, perhaps more often, that Iraqi military or civilian personal haven’t been killed from either U.S. or British bombs.  On a regular basis we continue to kill Iraqis, not that this is necessarily a bad thing, but folks seldom acknowledge the ongoing killing.  This matter of Saddam should be concluded once and for all time.  And whether it’s from some inexpensive small caliber bullets into the head, a remote-controlled missile from some CIA drone, or the combined might of American and British troops, what’s important is we take out the whack before he does anything that can further hurt others.

This, then, is my charge to Bush: that we eliminate the threat posed by Saddam Hussein, immediately, and by any means possible.  Kill the son of a bitch.  Now.

I do not believe predictions that such an act would trigger World War III or that many Islamic nations would turn on us.  Any Islamic nation which threatens us, through either sustained negative rhetoric or direct action, should settle their secular affairs and prepare to become a footnote in history.  It will be interesting to see if anyone will mourn for Saddam.

Let's Rock Iraq!

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