Russ Burrows speaks at MUFON!*

June/July 1991 in Bloomington, IN.

Filmed and copyright by Jeff Heck, 1991.

"Colonel" Russ Burrows, I use that designation loosely, discusses the infamous "Burrows Cave" to an audience of maybe 100 back in 1991.  Around the 24:20 mark we find that Rusty not only made the discovery of ten lifetimes, but he was also part of Project Blue Book.  Not only did he keep the US from living under a "Communist Moon," but also an "Alien Moon."  The footage here is from a VHS tape that was recorded back in '91, so I apologize for the video quality.  However, it's not what you see here, but rather what you hear.  Hope you enjoy! -- Jeff Heck 2015.

*MUFON is an acronym for the Mutual UFO Network.

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