Half-Empty is For Losers
 By R. D. Flavin


     It's a trick framing question presented to reveal whether one is an optimist or a pessimist.  That damned glass that folks keep talking about...  With scientific training, we approach a container and estimate its current filled capacity at 50%, give or take, when it's half-full (var. half-filled).  We fill and we empty – being a nomenclator wiggles my earlobes.  Simply put, a glass (you know, THAT glass) is empty, then it's filled.  Regardless of whether the glass is filled to the top or some level short of full, to repeat, the glass begins empty, then is filled.  IF the filled capacity of the glass is around 50%, one might approximate a half-full status of the previously empty glass.  Now, AFTER said glass begins as empty, is filled to some level either short of full or full, and THEN gets emptied, IF the emptying stops with approximately 50% of full potential remaining in the glass, ...one might say that the glass is half-empty.  Chicken or the egg?  The egg, of course.  THAT glass must be assumed to be half-full before it may be regarded as half-empty.  Half-empty is for losers or people that think chicken comes from a store or restaurant and not an egg.

     Framing selections are telling and necessarily unavoidable.  The rapidly approaching Fiscal Fist® will hurt us (i.e. the U. S.) even if we duck, as defensively we're seen as punks for allowing debate to affect and effect.  House Speaker, Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) has done this before...  The 2011 S & P downgrade hurt Americans, domestic and foreign markets, and gave China yet another opportunity to acquire American (and European) debt.  It's elementary, “pulling a boner” is making an error or mistake, not a euphemism for masturbation, yet Boehner is hurting us once more.  If it is a form of masturbation, it's sick..

     Unsteady and falling too much, I'm horrifically reminded of the expression, “He cut off his nose to spite his face...”  Perhaps there's the 867 CE historical precedent with the tragedy of Æbbe the Younger of Coldingham.  Whatever the expression's true origin, it's message remains clear: “Don't hurt yourself because you wish revenge upon another...”  Unless, of course, there's not another way or choice.  Boehner is hurting himself, his constituents in Ohio, the Americans he represents in Congress, and all Americans who depend upon America ...to be the best it can be.  We don't need the sound-bites and Right-wing rhetoric of an election year done and done-er (sp?).  We need compassionate compromise and cogent comprehension of what's at risk with the Fiscal Fist®.  This is going to hurt and it's avoidable.

     In sports vernacular, we often hear/read mention of “taking one for the team,” I believe it infers a selfless act for a greater good.  Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan and the death of Spock with “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one...” line.  That was Hollywood, this hurts Americans.  And do they (here only, read Boehner, Republicans, and the Tea Baggers) learn from past mistakes?  No sir, good buddy!  What's worse than an Ugly American?  A numb and dumb one...

     It's not racism.  It's financial elitism.  I've long argued that we're in a post-racial period – the only color that counts is green – and Republicans champion green because it's their job.  Remember upon first learning that Nazis were “just following orders” or even some American parallels?  Ouch!  Wicked way ouch...  Still, the metaphor and it's political perspective with pulling boners fits.  When “They” say that Republicans represent 'Big Business' and Democrats fight for the 'People', I recall that dear Rock Hudson was the first celebrity to die of AIDS, ...and “They” said he was gay (var. queer, homosexual) for decades before.  Rep. Boehner may be servicing his Party, but he's not working for America's best interests.

     Today, recently, and for most of and the rest of my life, I've admired our American heroes, some of who were presidents.  We quote Lincoln and JFK, and one ran for a second term as an independent because political jerks are just like non-political jerks (to wit, ...jerks).   Kennedy?  I got through a rough patch of late-20's identity crisis hearing Sen. Lloyd Bentson (D-TX) chastise Sen. Dan Quayle (R-IN) about self-comparison to Kennedy.  JFK's words, "Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country" will inspire, challenge, and haunt me all my days.  Well done, sir.  And, you too, Lloyd.

     We advance...  Grandma' may have passed gas at the dinner-table and by not having a dog, the offered explanation seems ...we need to get a dog.   Preventing the hurting of Americans is a reason folks serve and pledge to protect against enemies domestic and foreign...  We understand the hope for America, that it's half-full of greatness, and overlook the nay-sayers.  Half-empty is for losers and that's worse than political porn - it's un-American.

     House Speaker Boehner is a weak bowel movement in need of a better diet.  Pick one!  High fiber, no gluten, only products raised by the under-aged disenfranchised, just pick one.  At least Reagan had dementia, Boehner is just ...a jerk.

Toasting the next grilled-cheese,


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