Fell and Egyptian
By Richard Flavin

You’ve followed a hyperlink from a webpage referral or a search engine hyperlink to …a work in progress that has taken a little longer than expected to complete and on-line folks (and ‘bots’) have reacted to a “private” work-page as if it’s …up, up, and away.  My article, “Fell and Egyptian” is not yet finished, hopefully it’ll be done in early 2010, but I can’t let others point readers to what I believed was a private work-page designed to see how text and photographs appear with different browsers.  Yet, it happened, I took too long, search engines picked up on my so-called private material and …that’s that.  Interested readers are encouraged to visit my Twisted History website, click on “Fell and Egyptian” Parts I, II, and IV (working on III currently).


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