Diffusion or Delusion?

The following is a collection of hyperlinks to previous columns and articles of mine which deal with diffusionism, pseudoscience and related matters.  Enjoy!

October 2002  "God or Governor?"  A Mormon Governor in the Bay State?  Yup...
July 2002  "Ecumenical as Eels: a blatant broadside."  More thoughts on a possible Mormon governor of Massachusetts.
June 2002  "The Survival of the Fittest Ideas."  The passing of Gould and Heyerdahl.
April 2002  "The Devil in Taxachusetts."  Some thoughts on a possible Mormon governor of Massachusetts.
8-10-01Know It Alls.”  An easy refutation of an epigraphic claim by Clyde A. Winters.
5-4-01The Woman Who Wondered.”  The passing of Prof. Hertha von Dechend, co-author of Hamlet’s Mill (Boston: Gambit, 1969), historian of science and cultural diffusionist.
4-6-01Another Farewell.”  The passing of Prof. Cyrus H. Gordon, noted Semitic scholar and cultural diffusionist.
12-8-00The American Cult.”  A look at Mormons, a modern diffusionist cult.
9-29-00Atlantis in the Black Sea?”  An example of good work and dishonest marketing.
2-11-00Strange Waters.”  My take on the Voynitch Manuscript, a possible diffusionist document.
2-4-00Whatever Floats Your Ark.”  Pseudoscience and dishonest marketing.
11-19-99No Going Back.”  Diffusionism, pseudoscience, and science.
11-12-99Time To Box.”  Mormon underwear.
6-18-99The Fantastic.” Diffusionism and Prof. Carl L. Johannessen.
5-7-99Shake N’ Basque.”  The Basque and possible pre-Columbian visits to the New World.
3-5-99The Bones of the Matter.”  A look at Kennewick Man.

"Frank Collin: From neo-Nazi to Hyper-Diffusionist and Witch."
"Dolmen Doldrums." Phaeton Rock and claims of Irish pre-Columbian visits to New England.
"Falling Into Burrows' Cave."  An ongoing diffusionist scam.
"Come Out of the Cave, Russ!"  Updates.
Maintained Links from 'Cave' articles.

"Credo Mutwa's Treasures"  Inscribed stones from South Africa and alien lizards.
"Straight Lines: Selected Reviews."  Marshack, ogham and other fun topics.
"Notes on the Beverly Roman Coins."  An infamous claim refuted by the claimant?
"The Straight Lines of the Great Pond."  An Irish guy goes into the woods and...

Handout for Prof. Williams' course "Alternative Views of the Past: Fantastic Archaeology."  Harvard Extension Program, ANTH E-137; 1991.

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