The Politics of Plausible Deniability
By R. D. Flavin


     Part of me wants to feel pride in my hometown of Chicago when protestors caused “The Donald” to cancel a rally. Now, if only the Windy City could do something about the dozens of gang-kids shooting each other every weekend. And, rather personally, I'm very disappointed the Cubs ended last season with a better record than the Chicago White Sox, but then my adopted hometown of Boston choked at the end, so I'd best stay on topic. The violence which has recently emerged at Trump rallies may soon extend to Democratic rallies, as “The Donald” blames Sen. Bernard Sanders (D-VT) for sending in the protestors. While Trump has said he pay the legal fees for any of his supporters who attack the protestors, and also threatened to personally use violence against those who disagree with his bigotry, he actually hasn't condoned the violence and maintains he's not giving orders (or anything else) to the ruffian Trump supporters who clash with the protestors. It's called the politics of plausible deniability and until someone can actually prove (documents, audio or video recordings) Trump is secretly behind all this mayhem for extra publicity, matters will likely get worse before they get better.

Trump campaigner openly displaying white supremacist tattoos - the 'Celtic Cross' has been usurped by the neo-Nazis and '88' is a numerical code for "Heil Hitler!"  2016 PBS Newshour. Used without permission.

     Trump enjoys using profanity openly, relishes calling his opponents names like :liar” or “baby,” and has even gone so far as to bring the size of an opponents fingers as being small, a not-so-subtle innuendo of having a tiny penis. Everything seems open and free-game for Trump, as his deep-pockets pays off his racist minions to commit acts of violence, and take the spotlight away from “The Donald” and his previously implied bed-wetting problem. It's nothing to be ashamed of, yet Trump doesn't want talk to about it and changes the subject every time it comes up. America needs to depend on its president and NOT have a president who wears Depends. But, this is a democracy and if the voters wish to elect a bed-wetter, it's up to them.

     This past Tuesday, the winners and losers were all but determined before voting even began. Clinton cleaned up and continues to put Sen. Sanders in a difficult situation. On the Republican side, Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) handily won his home state of Ohio, but unfortunately Trump won all the rest. Even Florida, the home state of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), who subsequently dropped out of the race. Despite these wins, many predict the Republican convention in July will be 'contested' convention with Trump lacking the necessary delegates to automatically be awarded the nomination. Apparently the Cuban-Americans have little love for their Hispanic brethren, the Mexicans. Furthermore, there's a strong possibility a first 'vote' by the delegates will not succeed (for some unknown reason Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas remains popular for some, despite his being a jerk of the first squeeze), and a 'brokered' convention will begin with a variety of possible outcomes.

     Keeping Republican candidates creepy, Trump has now said he won't pay the legal fees of those who attack anti-Trump protestors at his rallies. Also, adding an atrociously muddy prediction, “The Donald” has said they'll be riots if he's not elected to be the Republican nominee on the first vote. Inviting brain-freeze, there's even talk of drafting Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), currently Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and the 2012 Republican choice for vice president on the Romney ticket. Hillary will still win, of course, but at least Ryan would be a more cogent debater, as opposed to Madam Clinton shredding Trump into pathetic little pieces.

     Of course, such inflammatory rhetoric can not go unanswered in today's political and media-knee-deep world. On Thursday (yesterday, if you must), in an interview with FOX NEWS reporter (and hottie), Megyn Kelly, who is privileged enough to be Trump's verbal punching-bag on a near daily basis, sat down with Sen. Ryan and had a nice little chat wherein Ryan convincingly argued Trump had left decency behind with his threats of “riots,” toed a neo-Conservative line and promoted compromise, and repeatedly denied ANY interest in 'running' for president. Elsewhere, with different reporters, he told the ex-Speaker of the House, John Boehner, to stop pitching Ryan's name for the Republican nomination.

     Yesterday continued to produce Trump-related news, with Sen Rubio declaring he'd zilch interest in any vice president slot, claimed he was going to finish out his term in the Senate and return to the private sector (and get rich), and also guardedly praised Sen. Cruz, but stopped short of out-and-out endorsing him. Ex-Texas Gov. Rick Perry raised his hand and sided with Cruz. And, from far out in Left-field, a letter sent from my adopted home state of Massachusetts, was addressed to Trump's son and contained a mysterious white powder. White power and white power? Of course, “The Donald” will deny any connection and likely blame a rapid Sanders' supporter. Also, Trump put the kibosh on a scheduled Republican debate in Salt Lake City with a “been there, done that” and now a meeting with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee is taking a second and harder look at inviting “The Donald” to speak before them next week. Yeah, ecumenical bipartisanship always did have an odd ring to it...

     Now, as far as the politics of plausible deniabilty is concerned, we need look no further than our 43rd president, Richard “Tricky Dick” Milhous Nixon and his infamous declaration during a televised address to the American people: “I an not a crook.” Well, the yellow brick road to plausible deniability couldn't help Nixon and he was forced to resign in disgrace. Trump doesn't get it and likely never will. I'm not a gambler, a fakir (though George Harrison encouraged everyone to chant the names of the Lord and we'll be free), or a fool, hence I won't make a prediction WHO will be the Republican nominee for president. Though at the free-for-all that will be a 'brokered' convention, I wouldn't be surprised if Gov. Kasich's name pops up. Others will repeat what most Americans believe, that “The Donald” is a racist, sexist, bigoted buffoon. Of course, he'll go back to his hotels, though I'm sure he could get circus work if he wanted.

I can barely wait for this American embarrassment to end,

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