Captain Jack's Pilgrims' Shame Pepper Sauce

Captain Jack always had a fondness for New England, married a local lass, and bought a small home on Cape Cod. Some years back, the Captain was hired to command a vessel on a voyage between Boston and Georgetown, Guyana. While at sea, the Captain was made aware of an addition to the ship's manifest – two dozen passengers making a pilgrimage to seek fellowship with the Guyanese Christian community in Dorchester, MA. After the cargo was loaded and suitable quarters were found for the passengers, the Captain gave orders for a return to Boston with instructions that the crew have little or no contact with the Guyanese (i.e. no sex or gambling). Half-way up the US Eastern Seaboard, Captain Jack made a courtesy call on the passengers (as the crew reported they hadn't seen any of them for several days), and discovered the Guyanese in apparent poor health and with a debilitating malaise. “See that our bodies are given Christian burials,” they pleaded to the Captain. He'd seen seasickness, homesickness, and many other different and difficult sicknesses throughout his maritime career, but he'd never witnessed such morbid resignation and defeatism as that afflicting his passengers. Remembering the advice of Nietzche (and Robert E. Howard's Conan), “What does not kill me, makes me stronger,” the Captain went straightaway to the galley and blended a special batch of his pepper sauce for his Guyanese passengers. Using Bonney or Scotch Bonnet peppers to suggest Caribbean cuisine, his new sauce was fierily quaint as befitting pilgrims on a spiritual quest. Unfortunately, though Jack made his batch large enough to please both the passengers and all of his crew, the Guyanese took to the pepper sauce with shameful gusto and consumed every last drop. The crew was most upset at the greed, but with a couple promises (and a few lies) from Captain Jack, the voyage was completed successfully and the passengers had a renewed vigor in their step as they disembarked the ship in Boston. One of the promises the Captain made to his crew was to market the new sauce. So, today and for many, many days (and years) to come, all can appreciate Captain Jack's Pilgrims' Shame Pepper Sauce! It's not about pride; it's about taste!

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