Captain Jack's Plymouth Red Pepper Sauce

It was an especially miserable winter in the North Atlantic and Captain Jack was duly hesitant to accept any commissions which would entail playing tag with ice bergs. With a reading list of new and old genre novels, as well as fresh batteries for his television remote control, the Captain assumed his favorite seat (a vintage Naugahyde recliner) and launched a self-entitled vacation at his home on Cape Cod. All was hot coffee and cold beer until Mrs. Captain's older sister from New Hampshire showed up for an extended stay. The woman had an attitude like an oil spill and coated everything around her in slimy darkness. Kissing Mrs. Captain goodbye and tossing her a wave, he steered his land-ship (a 1993 Volvo wagon) into the unknown, that is, one or more of the dive bars in Boston. Passing Plymouth, his land-ship suffered a snapped fan-belt and he was compelled to seek repair not far from where the Mayflower docked in 1620. Pleasantly surprised by the good-naturedness of the locals, the Captain easily found an unpretentious neighborhood bar where he took refreshment while his fan-belt was replaced. Plymouth has a very small, though fully functional, port and the Captain enjoyed the company of a sailor, two merchant marines, and a half-dozen folks whose only times at sea were perfunctory whale-watch cruises. As the boozing continued, the conversation between Jack, the sailor, and the merchant-marines navigated into ribald waters. One particularly vulgar story (told by the sailor) involving an Indian woman with no teeth, caused a bloom of bright red blush to color the faces of the other patrons, and made Jack laugh so hard he fell off his bar-stool. Eventually, the land-ship was fixed and the Captain took his leave of Plymouth. Electing not to continue on into Boston, he fearlessly returned to his home on the Cape to his wife and sister-in-law. Upon reflection (and a couple of cold beers), the Captain took it upon himself to honor his fine afternoon spent in Plymouth with a commemorative sauce. Using the Naga Bhut Jolokia peppers from Northeastern India (said by Guinness to be the world's hottest), he blended his first batch of Captain Jack's Plymouth Red Pepper Sauce. Enjoy the blush!

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James Carroll

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Disclaimer: The above is posted as a favor and receives zip in return (except for the occasional pint of Guinness).