Captain Jack's Original Pepper Sauce

It was the best of times (Bill Clinton was in office) and the worst of times (Monica was in the office, too), and Captain Jack was hired to sail the HMS Lennon between New Bedford, CT and several ports around the Caribbean. Rufus One-Ear (don't ask), the ship's First Mate, was overwhelmed one day with a powerful case of the thirstys, cannibalized the engine for parts, and built a still to make some Hull Hooch. Well, without a working engine, the Lennon slowed to a stop and then drifted off-course. Soon, they found themselves deep into the Sargasso Sea and surrounded by miles of floating Sargassum seaweed. The Captain gave orders for Rufus' still to be dismantled and the parts restored, but even after repair the Lennon couldn't restart its engine. Upon further investigation (the Captain looked overboard), it was decided that the seaweed was clogging the propeller shaft. Dispatching men to clear away the seaweed, the Captain reasoned that instead of tossing the seaweed back into the water where it could clog the shaft again, the seaweed should be stowed away on the deck. As the mounds of Sargassum above board grew in size, the Captain had occasion to consult Mom Necessity, gave himself a maritime promotion (reassignment, actually) from Master Sailor to Master Blender, took to the galley and prepared a delectable pepper sauce. Giving the seaweed a quick stir-fry with olive oil and garlic, Captain Jack commanded his crew to clear the deck of the Sargassum and encouraged the copious consumption of his pepper sauce. With the propeller shaft unobstructed, the engine restarted, and the deck cleared of the piles of seaweed, the HMS Lennon sped back to New Bedford without incident. As the voyage concluded, and after the cargo was unloaded and the everyone was paid, Jack made ready to leave, but was stopped on the dock by the entire crew who to a man pleaded soulfully with offers of cash and coin for some of the Captain's pepper sauce. At first, Jack believed the composition of a shanty celebrating the creation of his inspired pepper sauce would suffice, but after arriving home to Mrs. Captain's cooking, decided on bottling his recipe and sharing it with the world. And thus we have Captain Jack's Original Pepper Sauce to enjoy! A First Rate delight, indeed!

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