Maintained Links from Falling Into Burrows' Cave and Come Out of the Cave, Russ!

I. Falling Into Burrows’ Cave
     A.  Affidavit concerning ‘Frank Joseph’ and Frank Collin, dated June 11, 1994.
II. Come Out of the Cave, Russ!
     A.  Fun BC Forum 2/7/05 to 2/11/05
     B.  Burrows and UFOs: Ancient Treasures/Burrows Cave ezboard forum-posts of video transcripts by Jeff Heck
     C. Uniform Characters
            1.  Nov. 23 & 24, 2005 Ancient Treasures/Burrows Cave ezboard Forum Fun
            2.  Forged Federal Military Service Correspondence by Burrows
            3.  Text pages
88, 120, 130 & 141 from The Mystery Cave of Many Faces.
            4.  Handout for Prof. Williams' course "Alternative Views of the Past: Fantastic Archaeology"
      D.  Hard Evidence?

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