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Capt. Jack's Original Pepper Sauce
Plymouth Red Pepper Sauce
Beacon Heat Pepper Sauce
Pilgrim's Shame Pepper Sauce

Boston's Finest and Fieriest!

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The Saga of Captain Jack

“If it floats, I can sail it!”

“It ain't the Heat, it's the Proportion!”

Two of Capt. Jack's favorite sayings.

Some say he was born at sea, others claim he hailed from Cleveland. Most knew him as a belligerent braggart with a weakness for drink and small dogs. Everyone agrees that his pepper sauces are mutinously hot and it's long been rumored that Jack created his recipes while serving a seven-year sentence in Sing Sing for smuggling a hull full of North Korean counterfeit jellybeans during the Reagan administration. The truth of the matter was that Jack volunteered to spend some time behind bars because he wanted to catch up on his reading and the library at Sing Sing specializes in westerns and murder-mysteries, Jack's favorite genres. It's said that Captain Jack's finest achievement was his 1998 Atlantic crossing from London to New York with a personal gift from Elton John to then mayor, Rudy Giuliani. Jack's ship left London on August 14 at 9:12 AM GMT and Elton John's gift was delivered August 16 at 4:32 PM EST. Actually, his ship didn't arrive until a few days later; Jack took a plane from Heathrow to LaGuardia, went on a booze-bender, and paid some kid on the street to drop off a package at City Hall. Legends aside, though the one about Jack being stranded on an island with cannibals is kind of exciting, the simple, honest, and take-me-now-Lord-if-I'm lying reason Jack's pepper sauces are so good, is that Mrs. Captain's cooking is so, so bad... Everything tastes better with a little (or a lot) of Captain Jack's Pepper Sauces!

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