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On April 3, 2007, a weekly alternative Massachusetts newspaper, North Shore Sunday (NSS), published an article about Willie “Loco” Alexander (Viglione, Joe.  2007.  “Say Hey Willie.”  North Shore Sunday (Friday, August 3, 2007; online here).  Willie remains a Boston-area legend due to his 1975 and 1978 classic hit, "Kerouac/Mass, Ave.,” as well as his last thirty years of various studio albums, many of which are rather difficult to squeeze into a descriptive tag (e.g. punk-jazz, folk-rock, garage genius, etc.).  Within the NSS article is a quote from horror-writer, Stephen King, in which he calls “Mass. Ave.” one of the greatest rock and roll songs ever.  Also, there’s a reminiscence by Mike Rivard of Club d’Elf, who played with Wille at a 1999 tribute concert for the late Mark Sandman of Morphine, Treat Her Right, and the Hypnosonics.  .Boston has provided us with some great tunes over the years and shows no sign of slowing down.  Well done, Beantown!

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Kerouac/Mass. Ave" by Willie Alexander (1975/1978 Garage Records).

"Mass Ave." mp3 -- click to play or save.

1998 Hypnosonics (c. Cynthia Abatt, see: and Sandman photo collage.

"Cure for Pain" By Mark Sandman and Morphine --
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Rivard and 11th Anniversary poster for Club d'Elf.

"The Tingler“ from Club d'Elf’s LIVE Vassar Chapel (2001, KUFALA Recordings)
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