Keeping Change Alive
By R. D. Flavin


"Yeah!  That's the ticket!"*

     Contra Sting, sometimes one can't help being premature.  Our 58th U.S. presidential election on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016 is a ways off, yet planning and preparedness in an uncertain world may be for the best as boners and blunders seem to affect and afflict when one least expects it.  So, without added ado, I'd like to sincerely suggest the superstar team-up of Hillary Clinton and Andrew Cuomo as our next President and Vice President of the United States of America.  Any voodoo return, no matter how slight of hand, to the ersatz morality of the Republicans (T-Baggers, too) will retard and damage America's domestic (and foreign) standing.  Our best hope in keeping change alive is with the Clinton/Cuomo ticket.  Together we can and will be all that America can be.  In other words, ...let's do this!

     As the USA Network has decided against continuing the Political Animals mini-series, Madam Secretary Clinton doesn't have to worry about anything charactered and untoward from Sigourney Weaver.  Or "Bud Hammond," the Bill Clinton-esque ex-president and former-husband.  The “real” Bill Clinton will be fine uncannily always.  Hillary Rodham Clinton has performed admirably on the civil stage as our 67th United States Secretary of State (2009-2013) and as a United States Senator from New York (2001-2009).  Her public and private careers have included First Lady of the United States (1993-2001) and First Lady of Arkansas (1983-1992), as well as being a lawyer, author, and advocate for children's rights.  She's a mom (with a thing for stylish mom-pants), wife, and former pet-owner of Buddy and Socks.  I don't know if she prefers crunchy peanut-butter over creamy, but I'd venture a guess she picks tuna-in-water over tuna-in-oil.  Madam Secretary Clinton has been center-stage with change for decades now and is surely our best hope for keeping it alive.

     Gov. Andrew Mark Cuomo (D-NY 2001-present) has served with distinction as the Attorney General of New York (2007-2010) and the United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (1997-2001) and as Assistant Secretary of HUD before that (1993-1997).  And, with happenstance, both HUD appointments were as part of Pres. Bill Clinton's administration.  Cuomo served as Chairman of the New York City Homeless Commission under the Mayor of New York City, David Dinkins (1990-1993), and was previously a New York assistant district attorney (1984-1985).  His father, Mario Cuomo, was also a governor (D-NY 1983-1994), as well as holding other elected offices in New York state.  As governor, Andrew Cuomo has signed into law the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act of 2013 which many regard as the toughest gun-control law in America.  It ain't perfect, but it's a fine start.  Catholic and pro-choice, like his dad, excommunication will continue to be a threat (until such a future enlightened time that it isn't).  As a proud Italian-American and native New Yorker, he's no fan of negative stereotyping and is culturally courageous for living with his television-chef girlfriend (Food Network's Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee) who champions doctoring up pre-packaged foods.  I've never seen the show, but I grok the concept. Gov. Cuomo is committed to economic change and his wage and tax reform programs encourage proactivity instead of the usual par for the course puttering about.  A Clinton/Cuomo ticket would mightily expand upon Pres. Obama's positive efforts and America will be all the better for it.

     Favoritism is unavoidable, it's often encouraged in representative democracy (as opposed to random or lottery selections), and voluntarily choosing one candidate rather than another is our Constitutional electoral right.  Sadly, the party of Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush and Cheney/Bush is actively pursuing every viscous and vicious trick to limit the voting rights of those Americans who stand against Republican Rage®.  The Republican Party opposes women's rights, gay rights, victim rights, consumer rights, environmental rights, and any rights that stand between a culture of abject corporate greed and fair economic growth.  Of course, it's more than the party of Jesus riding a dinosaur with automatic weapons ablazing against those who run for the border it's Republican elitism.  It's anti-equality.  Favoring true democratic freedom is an easy choice and one which many Americans will make on the second Tuesday of November 2016 when they elect Hillary Clinton and Andrew Cuomo as our next President and Vice President of the United States of America.

     Pres. Barack Hussein Obama, II wasn't politically culled as America's first black, mixed-race, or African-American president, but rather as the correct response to the fearlessly inept (and nasty) Cheney/Bush administration.  Likewise, the election of Hillary Rodham Clinton to the presidency wouldn't be as a barrier-challenging mandate for the first female to hold this nation's premiere executive office, instead such an actualization would be as the best qualified candidate to continue Pres. Obama's achievements and complete the unfinished tasks ahead.  Equality and opportunity would be the basis for a Clinton/Cuomo administration  with immigration reform, child welfare enforcement, and education betterment as priorities to improve our country and dutifully prepare for a post-privileged future.  The dream of our founders is at hand and with all due respect to Madam Secretary Clinton (Clinton 1996), it doesn't take just a village or a town-hall meeting, takes a country.  It's a bold era for America and a wonderful time to be an American.

     While it's all well and good to struggle with opposing opinions and support the right to protected speech (it says somewhere that Congress shall pass no laws forbidding Fox & friends from catering to morons), beyond our quasi-coiffed borders, injustice continues to spread in far-away lands.  I'm not saying we're the world's police, but ...we're the world's police and our duty to freedom requires involvement abroad.  In March 2001, Islamic fundamentalists (the Taliban) destroyed the sixth century Afghani Bamyan Buddhas statues to international outrage and condemnation, and last week other militant Islamists (Al-Qaeda spin-offs) detonated several bombs at the Indian Mahabodhi temple complex which honors the Bodhi Tree (where Sam Gautama achieved enlightenment and became the Buddha).  Sheez, what's next?  Disneyland?   Beating up on Buddhism is wicked doubleplusungood!  However, as the needs of our creditors outweigh the needs of a peaceful people, we are financially bound to regard China's Tibetan sovereignty conflict as “political” fundamentalism and not religious.  The Islamic fundamentalist family tree has put down deep roots in the Near East, South-central Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Africa, with branches stretching out and over Europe, South America, and ...until it closes, the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba.  Anti-Zionism was a gateway hatred for Islamic fundamentalists who now kill and rape to establish a theocratic criminal paradise.  It's called getting away with Holy Murder and most religions have past indelicacies of behavior which they regret and promise to never do again.  The tree of spiritual liberty needs fair and balanced pruning and making hate religions impotent will remain the goal of the religious and irreligious alike.  And, of course, dealing with the intolerance of Fox News should be as easy as changing the television channel.

     With good thoughts and sincere prayers extended to Pres. Obama on the remainder of his second and final term, we eagerly await the Clinton/Cuomo administration and the experience and compassion they'll bring.  We've witnessed change we can believe in, and with punctuated evolution aside, with Hillary Clinton and Andrew Cuomo we'll be keeping change alive for the anticipated future to come.

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* Catchphrase of Tommy Flanagan, the Pathological Liar.

We're gonna' need a bigger ballot-box,

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