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Burning Bushs

3.2  And the angel of the LORD appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the
midst of a bush: and he looked, and, behold, the bush burned with fire, and the
bush [was] not consumed.
3.3 And Moses said, I will now turn aside, and see this great sight, why the bush
is not burnt.

     Some fires chemically conduct themselves for a long time, others for
shorter spans, and far too many need to be extinguished as they arise.  A new
web-page asks, "Got a burning desire to help Governor Bush win the New
Hampshire primary and become the next President?"  Well, while younger
brother John (Jeb) is content to face another summer of fires in Florida, it
seems Texas Governor George Bush, the son of one of America's most
mysterious presidents, wants to follow in his father's footsteps. With memories
of Monica fading, House Republicans are pushing the "Ten Commandments" in
schools, demanding the burning of  "witches" in the military, and if Gore
doesn't learn how to tell a joke soon, ...America might go Republican.  Now,
...that really burns me!  [Click here  for Bush in New Hampshire.]

     As America decides between Bush and Gore, both Wesleyan Methodists,
matters become complicated when we consider rumors that Bush's father
assisted Pepsi-Cola in the assassination of JFK, and that Gore's father was a
secret Communist of Jewish extraction.  Yes, our nation has embraced
Hannibal and is now eating itself!  America, ...'tis a pity she's a cannibal!

    While Coca-Cola was flavored with cocaine, Pepsi-Cola is allegedly named
after pepsin, a stimulant and digestive enzyme extracted from the linings of pig
bellies.  Mmm...  [Note: this is why I drink R.C.  Well, that and I'm Roman
Catholic...]  Pepsi's financial failure under inventor Caleb Bradham, led to its
1931 purchase by Charles G. Guth, an investor who is said to have been a
"silent partner" in a business cartel, fronted by Preston Bush, which recruited
Nixon in 1941.  Nixon's career as a corporate lawyer for Pepsi involved
communism, drugs, and his presence in Dallas (at a bottler's convention) the
day Kennedy was slain.  The reason?  It appears George Bush was a CIA agent
working on the Bay of Pigs invasion (naming three of the disguised warships
Barbara, Houston, and Zapata, after his wife, hometown, and the name of his
company), planned because of Castro's increase in the cost of sugar-cane to
Pepsi-Cola, and after JFK withdrew air-support for the planned attack on
Cuba, Jack's death was ordered.  Oh, and it seems Bush was in Dallas that day
as well...  The later Pepsi connection with drugs is best described in the Mel
Gibson film, Air America, and that Pepsi was first into Russia, stood alone
against the American boycott of Stoli vodka (which Pepsi imports), and that
Pizza Hut restaurants in Moscow and Leningrad (which Pepsi owns) were
instrumental in the downfall of the communist regime, is all a matter of public
record.  Some take their soft-drinks way too seriously... [Note click  here  for
more on Nixon, Bush, Pepsi, and JFK.]

     'Twas a time, not too long ago, Vice President Al Gore, Jr. was regarded as
an exceptionally cool nerd, nice guy, and someone who married Tipper (read:
Pooh-toy Tigger), and deserves much credit for being in a relationship with
her.  And, America made light of Gore's stiffness and lack of jocularity.

     Recently some have attacked Al about his father's possible Jewish ethnicity,
and have accused him of being a lobby-front for closet-commi-industrialist
Armand Hammer (allegedly nee "Heimer").  Stretching some more, it's said
that this secret background of Zionist Communism is behind the marriage of
Karenna, Al's Jr.'s daughter, to Andrew Shiff, who's said to be related to a
financier of Trotsky and Lenin.  Most give ripe-static to Tipper for demanding
warnings on rap-lyrics, tease Al about his work for the environment, and,
lately, some bad sound-bites about his taking "credit" for the Internet.  So, is
the leading Democratic contender for the presidency a communist and a Jew?
[Note:  such questions are in dire need of individual answers--mine is: I like Al,
his concern for the environment, and have a pat dislike for those who judge
with innuendo. Click here for a balanced overview of Hammer, and here for
nasty stuff about Al.]

     America has gotten so hungry...

     This past week has been laughable, sad, and a tad scary.  House
Republicans (read: XXXXXXX idiots), emerging from their impeachment jag,
have pressed for greater liberty for criminals and drunks to buy guns at
conventions, pleaded we mandate a prominent public school display of "The
Ten Commandments," and are currently instigating a witch-hunt (literally) of
our American armed-services personal who declare themselves "wiccan,"
"neo-pagan," and the like.  Hey, just because Monica let them down, doesn't
give them access to Jurisprudence-R-Us...  But, predictably, I bet they THINK
it does...

     Last week a video-image of Congressional Representative Bob Barr
(R-Georgia) invaded my living-room and challenged me.  Barr, speaking on
behalf of "The Ten Commandments," stared into the camera and asked if there
was ANYONE who didn't believe in ALL of "The Ten Commandments."  I
became, and remain, livid with rage and disgust.  To name one point of
disagreement: "Thou SHALT have NO other GODS before me."  Such talk is
not modern, productive, fair, nice, ...or legal.  The ACLU is all over Barr's
agenda-fantasy and it won't stand a chance of becoming law.  It's a Jewish
tradition, one that some Christians get way silly trying to covet, and it
represents nomadic-law in an ancient, struggling society, not today's America

     America is made up of many traditions--some old, many new, and always a
newer-still proportion.  Our FOUNDERS said NO to a combination of
GOVERNMENT and RELIGION.  Well, that method has worked so far, and I
hope and pray (don't ask...) that it continues.  Barr, the Republican
XXXXXXX idiot, is an embarrassment to justice and freedom (and is a
self-serving prude who thinks he can tell little kids what they should believe).
It's so scary, but ...that's America.

     Oh, and speaking of America, ...Texas Governor Bush might be a nice guy
and all that, but the REPUBLICAN PARTY he represents are ...jerks and
other bad names.  I don't believe Bush will EVER separate himself from such
idiots as Rep. Barr.  Hey, even Al has tried to put some space 'tween him and
the Bill N' Stuff affair!  But, this is America...

     Of all the "Bushs" and bushes mentioned here, I wish the best to Jeb and his
wife's spending.  That's a fire to be put out for sure!


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