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Yuggoth's Revenge!

     The Caesar Park Penha Longa in Sintra, Portugal, one of the most beautiful
resorts in all of Europe, will host the next "Bilderberg" meeting this week
between June 2nd and 7th.  As the Bilderbergs are dedicated to global
government and the "New World Order," very secretive about their meetings
(and who can blame them as they plot and plan nothing short of enslaving and
selling all of humanity to myco-extraterrestrials for our sweat-glands), I
deemed it was of the utmost importance to share what I believe will be a major
topic of discussion at their meeting:  the new Star Wars movie.  Yup, the
Bilderbergs planned the movie (as well as the earlier SW films) and will discuss
the next stage of ...Yuggoth's Revenge!

     Planet Yuggoth, for those "bags of water" who don't know, is one of our
enemies in the quest for consistent corporeal existence, and also one of the
prime sources for Goth-'shrooms.  In the dark poem-cycle The Fungi from
Yuggoth, by H. P. Lovecraft (written 1929-30),  the "fun-guys" and the
"fun-gals" of Yuggoth wish to invade Earth and do nasty things to humans,
their pets, and a few choice flowers.  It's strongly suggested by HPL that the
recent invasion by the alien-fungi has NOT been the first time.  HPL describes
it as an ancient and ongoing onslaught.

     Mushrooms and other fungi have always been closely associated with
human continuance on Mom Terra, either through providing us with edible
(and, later, medicinal and fun) stuff or spawning ever-mutating armies intent on
making human life miserable.  Some believed in a model, for a short time, in
which a proto-human consumed a poisonous mushroom which altered the
electro-chemical synaptic sensitivities of the human brain and allowed the
evolution of "higher-thought" or cerebellum-based intelligence.  Such an
environmentally contributing model of a "control," which COULD have
determined the modern human brain, radically broke from theistic dogma
(though the Catholics have now allowed for the discussion of scientific
"evolution," with the Second Vatican Council, opening support for the theory
of the imbuing of the "human soul" to be synonymous with the advance of
hominid to human or "higher-thought"), and suggested something besides
"God" thumping our heads and permitting humans to think deliciously different
from other primates.

     That "magic" mushrooms could have promoted "higher thought" was
appreciated by M.I.T.'s  Houston Smith, but instinctively (and with a scientific
purpose) he countered with the fact that any good infected wound, resulting
fever, or other serious malady could produce hallucinations, both audio and
visual.  Maybe 'shrooms DIDN'T inspire our modern human brain, but the
fungi have certainly ...shared Mom Terra with us.

     The "mushroom" warnings have been with us for quite some time and it's
only near the beginning of the next stage that we can finally appreciate what's
just happened.  As humans have advanced on Mom Terra, so too have the
fungi.  What's this got to do with Star Wars?  I thought you'd never ask...

     Darth Vader, as a heretic Jedi Knight, Sith Lord aligned with the Dark-Side
of The Force, and a parthenogenetic offspring, represents Jesus as a
"mushroom" encouraging the Romans to free his spore/son Bar-Abbas (the
"Freedom Rider"), paralleling Anakim sparing his son, Luke Skywalker.  We've
long suspected Lucas of being a tool for the Yuggothian Bilderberg secret
society, and with the evidence of Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom
Menace we have proof that the fungi don't laugh the same way we do.

     See, there's good mushrooms and there's bad mushrooms...  "Dark Father"
Anakim was a Jungian toadstool of the deep wood way past the edge of the
forest, beyond the dense gathering, and representative of entropic analeptic
readiness.  The late Tim Leary once quoted the avant-garde musician John
Cage to me in response to a question about 'shrooms, that "mushrooms have a
habit of appearing only when it's necessary."  Leary and Cage were both
puppets of the Bilderbergs, mycophiles, and secret servants of Yuggoth.
Mycophiles worship 'shrooms, as opposed to most folks who really can't stand
or stomach the rotten fungus that porcine Franks dig up, and believe every
effort should be made to send those intergalactic (multi-universal and
trans-dimensional, as well) wanna-be plants back where they came from!
We've been at war for a long time.

     From Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace it was let known that
The Force is the result of an energy generated by the symbiotic relationship
between the "midi-chlorian" life-form and the inhabitants of "a galaxy far, far
away..."  Young Anakim (or "Annie") Skywalker's blood is found to be
proportionally higher in the "midi-chlorian" life-form than the Jedi (or the rival
Sith) and described as born without benefit of a daddy (parthenogenetically,
like Jesus), and thought to be a predestined promise/curse.  That power is
attached to mushrooms is well demonstrated.

     The late philologist and Semiticist, John Marco Allegro, threw away a
successful position with the Dead Sea Scroll translation team, wrote a book
claiming that early Christians ate amanita Muscaria mushrooms and Jesus was
a phallic 'shroom born from the swollen labia of Mom Terra after being
fertilized by the spermatozoa (rain) of the Sky-Father.  The reported hundred
grand he received for the rights from The London Times to quote some of his
material (along with a large print headline: JESUS WAS A PENIS!), as well as
monies from hard and soft-cover sales, enabled his early professional
retirement to be, at least, comfortable.

     In one of the least understood tragedies of modern literary criticism, we still
don't understand why sci-fi author Phillip K. Dick (struggling for years and
finally getting one of his novels, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? filmed
as the movie, Bladerunner) REFUSED to make easy big-bucks and whip-up a
novelization of the Bladerunner script-adaptation, and instead wrote a curious,
non-fantastic (and ultimately poor selling) reworking of the death of heretical
Bishop James Pike in the Judaean desert, only according to Dick looking for
anochi, a mushroom purportedly mentioned in some Dead Sea Scroll fragments
and used by the Essennes, Jesus, and early Christians.  Why the struggling Dick
turned from tall cash to write The Transmigration of Timothy Archer is not
known.  Some have said "art," but that's mere obfuscation.  It was much

     The Hebrew anochi is used by God in Deuteronomy as "I" or "I am,"
distinct from the casual ehyeh, ehyeh as when Moses asks God, "Hey, who do
I say sent me?"  Reflecting Deuteronomomy elsewhere, Lucas chose to name
the evil Lord Vadar "Anakim," after the giants, the anakim, born after "...the
sons of God came in unto the daughters of men," from GEN. 6:4.  The little
boy, "Annie," born without an apparent father, infused with midi-chlorian, and
Le Grand Thème, was a part of something larger.  Much larger...

     Recently Agents Mulder and Scully were nearly absorbed by a large fungus
which was capable of drugging its prey, exuding acid, and breaking down and
absorbing its victims.  While "Field Trip," written by Gilligan and Shiban,
ended with the rescue of our mycophobic agents, it must be pointed out that
the LARGEST life-form on Mom Terra is thought to be a fungus over 20
square miles in area, somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. But, can we
REALLY be sure these large fungi are our friends?  HPL didn't think so and
the Bilderberg group has PBS's Bill Moyer (and his recent published interview
with Lucas) in their pocket.  We're being set up AND we have to buy the
magazines, books, and see the movies!

     I don't know HOW the Bilderberg secret society first became a front for the
myco-extraterrestrials from Yuggoth, but I hope they put more into both the
next X-Files film AND the next Star Wars installment.

     Those-about-to-be-conquered deserve better scripts.  It's the least the
"fun-guys" and "fun-gals" can do for us.


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