An Inevitable Vacation
By R. D. Flavin

     I consider myself a liberal democrat with a conservative approach to foreign policy (i.e., a military invasion of Iceland after the recent eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull composite volcano would seem a timely and opportunistic action) and assume an anti-New Federalist position when determining a priority between federal and state law, that is, I support strong national laws and imposing strict guide-lines which states must follow, contra Reagan and the current Republican good ol’ creeps who believe that all states are created equal, but if it’s a Democratic state fallen on hard times, gosh, it must be that some states are better than others.  I’m glad the national health care reform bill has passed, been signed into law, and regard as inevitable a great many asinine attacks and fraudulent feints by the Republicans begining any nano-second now.  Of course, it’s already started, but we’ll soon see hyper-marketing inclusive of at least one cable reality television show involving bad insurance coverage, a fast-food tie-in featuring discount pharmaceuticals, and, perhaps, a new limited edition “pro-life” flavor of Budweiser beer.  Oh, it’ll happen!  As inevitable as a morning vomit following a night of…, sorry; as inevitable as death and taxes.  If one were to advance the criticism that Republicans have conducted themselves after the 2008 Presidential election as if they are all wearing poopy diapers, one would have to prepare for some seriously disturbed behavior from the Republicans in the foreseeable future.  Forsooth, the liberal Capitalist in me is whining that I don’t have enough money to invest in FoxNews stock (NWS - $17.10­­ up; 3-25-10), as the 24-hour a day cable television news channel will undoubtedly go Feringi (e.g. Rules of Acquisition #208 “Sometimes the only thing more dangerous than a question is an answer”) and profit from the coming nastiness.  It’s inevitable!  And, so's a vacation.  Flavin's Corner columns will return in a month or two...



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