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Diurnal Omissions

We leave out much we shouldn’t.  Sociopolitical pundits and posers pat our butts and brains, econoterrorists giggle at breaking any banker’s bread, chemonauts and drunks are recognized as better tippers (and have little to do with a ‘Strunk and White’ progression of this sentence), but the keepers of the mundane, profane, and profound, like housel historians and juristic journalists, seldom (if ever) include any good stuff.  Some do.  I’m as much at fault for failing to repeatedly mention a series of violent fantasies involving fellow rush-hour drivers as those who daily shout what’s new because they choose not to offer a better assessment of the old.  Our diurnal omissions are generally ignored as being boring and unnecessary, and therefore best left for others to express.  I’ve often tried to avoid the “other” designation and seem to always weasel my way towards consensual reality.  I now, however, feel an urge to occasionally comment on the good, as those recent bushels of bad news have left me uncomfortably despising complacency and crowd mentality.  We should celebrate the unspoken.

The hypothetical family killed in a car accident as they were returning from volunteering at a homeless shelter would be noted as a tragic occurrence all too common when dealing with two ton chunks of steel on wheels.  A murdering drunk driver should irrevocably forfeit an operator's licence and go to jail for several years.  Yet, such a horrible consequence needn’t deprive those drunk drivers who successfully steer their steel home without homicide a much deserved nod of appreciation.  Hey, thanks for not killing me, my family, or friends!  Keep up the good work!

Racism is one of many stools we pass during our nervous, brief occupation on Mom Terra.  We usually walk and talk between the extremes of -philia and -phobia and leaning too much in either direction is regarded as a clear sign of trouble.  What I find really disturbing is the pervasive lack of notice given those who work through their bigotry without exercising a recourse to violence or using protected speech with pusillanimity.  Sure, hate-crimes are stomach churning embarrassments and most perpetrators are traitors to the dream of equality, however I applaud the repressed anger many feel about this race or that.  Sometimes it’s good to repress and it can make life a little easier for the rest of us.  The closet-racists need our support.  We need to reward them for staying in the closet.

Those annoying abortion protestors are narrow minded hobbyists who threaten the freedom of women.  I’m hard pressed to pass them by without spitting at their feet.  However, in the last couple of decades, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in non-procreational sex and I suspect the abortion protestors have had something to do with more women opting for oral and anal sex rather than conventional coitus.  I’m serious, here.  We need to join together and send out hugs and kisses.  Matters of the bedroom are much more interesting now that other options are available.

It’s one thing to ridicule Republicans as being snug in the back-pocket of corporate cartels, and I for one rather enjoy the endless finger-pointing, yet money deserves to circulate freely, without restraint, and Republicans do allow money to travel more than Democrats.  A law is actualized when broken (a stasis of violations would necessitate laws being downgraded to suggestions), and corruption is to politics what soup or salad is to an entree.  Of course Democrats wine and dine for the common good, but the Republicans are remarkably uncommon in their overt commitment to feeding the rich at the expense of the poor.  Such culinary motifs are found in scripture, folklore, and sometimes reconstructed from shredded paper recovered from landfills.  It’s Darwinian, this survival of the Republican-supported upper-class.  Without Republicans the rich might fail to manifest and wither, middling their destiny awhile or longer, perhaps becoming poor and having to sup with wage-earners as opposed to investment opportunists, and never blossom to display those colors of currency we so love to appreciate from afar.  The lifestyles of the rich and famous Republicans are a national treasure and a holiday commemorating the greedy would be in keeping with our ability to recognize outstanding effort.  The Republicans are good at what they do and should be afforded all due credit.  Maybe a holiday around tax-time would be fitting.

Making light of the dark is thinking the unthinkable and it’s unconstitutional to be constitutional, as our Constitution is ever-changing as we grow.  Affixing blame or credit are slices which usually deny the whole.  War?  Right; all those avoided conflicts don’t rate discussion at the sushi-bar, as there’s plenty of death and destruction to talk about at see-world.  Health?  Yes, victims of this or that disease continue to squeeze tears from the hardest heart, though the smoker who doesn’t get cancer or the sexually irresponsible ones who don’t contract something or the other, seldom (if ever) get noticed.  The environment?  We should strive to clean up after ourselves, but mistakes happen, stains or worse occur, and we continue.  Ugliness is a vagrant, sometimes flopping with scenic vistas, people, or behavior.  All of Mom Terra is breathtaking, all people are appreciable, and all behavior needs protection.  Damn it; this is not as easy as I thought it was going to be.

Okay, it’s an open wound that Israelis and Palestinians are still killing each other, but I’d very much like to experience someone express gratitude that it hasn’t come to worse.  The same with other conflicts.  Good for them!  What about the days bombs don’t go off in Belfast, Sri Lanka, or elsewhere?  I suppose it’s like a parent discovering a child is still alive after doing something stupid.  What’s important, I believe, is we’re still here.  Details?  I want more.  I want to know about the hand that didn’t clench into a fist, the tongue who decided not to facilitate the issuance of a hurtful remark, and the brain that willed itself not to act like another mass-produced product.  We only have heroes because averages demand someone keeps score.  This isn’t about losers; this is about those who don’t even play.  Thank you.

Normality is a dish best served whatever way works,

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